Mourning during the holidays


NBC News

Image of mourning, photo courtesy of NBC News

It truly can be so hard to be happy and full of holiday spirit when it’s just another reminder of what has happened in the past. Although the holidays and family gatherings tend to be fun, in some cases they can be stressful. The holiday season can be particularly tough for those who have lost a loved one.

The holidays are times spent with our beloved. This has been engraved in our minds from a young age. Holidays stamp the section of fun and memorable time in our lives. They are part of the milestones people often go through together and, for the most part, resemble time shared with family. But since holidays are for being with the people that humans cherish the most, how can anyone be expected to manage them when a loved one has died?

The holiday season is typically the most challenging part of grieving for numerous individuals. Individuals frequently say a portion of us died with them, but finding meaning is realizing a part of them still lives inside us. What is vital is that people be present for their lost loved ones.

These occasions are part of the grieving journey that everyone must completely feel. They are usually pitiful, but individuals may find themselves doing okay in some cases, and people may even have a brief minute of laughter. Now more than ever, be delicate with yourself. Don’t do more than you can, and don’t do anything that does not benefit your soul or the meaning that still lives inside you.

Try your absolute best to live for the ones you have lost. Celebrate the holidays in honor of them. Your lost loved ones would want you to be happy and spirited. The last thing they would want is to make you sad during the most special time of the year. Get out there and enjoy the wonderland outside.