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2022 image, photo courtesy of MARCA

New year’s resolutions: the time many say they will fix the problems going on in their life. After the two crazy years the whole world just experienced, a fresh start is something one may be looking for. It’s hard to see the world in a different state right now after the insanity many endured, but 2022 is a different and new year for all of us.

Students at AHS were asked to give a phrase or lesson they learned in 2021 that was meaningful to them.

“See the good, find the lesson. For me, this is a reminder that it is natural to go through hardships, but the way we handle them is what’s important. This phrase has reminded me that there is always a positive to a situation and everything we do we should learn from. Throughout 2021, I learned countless lessons through self-reflection. Most of which, likely wouldn’t have happened without having that phrase in my life,” Brooke O’Sullivan, 10th grader, said.

“A positive mindset brings positive things. This reminds me every day to have a positive attitude about things and good will come to you. I find that when I go into any situation with a bad attitude nothing good will come out of it whether it comes from school or my social life. Remember to always try your best to look at the bright side, and you will get way farther,” Olivia Cook, 10th grader, said

“Kindness is key. In 2021 I think the world has to learn how to be kind to each other again. Everyone struggled to be considerate of the hardships we went through the year before that carried into 2021. Being kind is easier than it looks and sounds and everyone is capable of it,” Sadie Bayko, 12th grader, said.

“During 2021 I have learned not to take things for granted because you never know when it is going to end. I have cherished every moment I can and will remember the large moments and I know to never take anything for granted,” Ana Dangler, 9th grader, said.

“Something I learned in 2021. In life, you face so many challenges that so many lessons come out from them. In 2021 I learned that you have to take care of yourself to become better. While doing that you also have to figure out who you want to share your special moments with. Without taking care of yourself you can’t grow, you can’t become the person you want/need to be, and having people to help you grow makes it easier and more enjoyable.” Amy Amaya 12th grade

As the crazy year, 2021, ended, we made our mistakes, we had our joys and our sadness. We lost and we gained. It can be very hard to do the things we say we’re going to do for the new year, and our resolutions don’t always come true for us. Hopefully, this new year will teach us more to learn from and grow from. Let 2022 be your year.