SATIRE– Aspen Skiers, get stoked! For the first time in AHS history there will be a teacher fight night. Students will be asked to place bets on the teachers you think will destroy each other. *Betting booth opens at 4:20 on the Boat.* Feel free to unleash any built up anger a teacher has caused.

For your viewing pleasure, a multitude of teachers will be facing off in a ring placed in the commons bathroom, that is if the sewage is no longer spilling out of the drains. Teachers must fight until one surrenders, or until one can no longer walk- either one works!

Place your bets at –
*Bets only accepted in – mango/cucumber juul pods, cafe cookies, and math test answers*

Now for your AHS Lineup…

Headliner –

Beckster Olive vs Straussboss

Followed by –

Jam Dog vs Bono Cheese
Pretty boy Corey vs Screed
Salad Bregginelli vs Joey Deez Nuts
Bart Simpson vs Haylen Pita Chip
Tam Tam vs Miley Cyrus
Kayla Koala vs Diane the God
Cam the criminal vs Karen Hawkins

Time: Monday April, 1 @ 8:45am SHARP
Location: Commons Bathroom
Be there. #tipsup #battletothedeath #weskiin