What your Favorite Social Media App says About You


Madyson Ryan

A screenshot of a home screen showing the most commonly used social media apps.

Social Media is widely used on all screens of the world. Teens are constantly surrounded by the online atmosphere, with little to no escape. So why not consider how your choice of media affects you?

You can tell a lot about a person from their Instagram. Everything about everyone can be predicted from this app. Whether it’s what you post or who you follow, Instagram is the CEO of social media stalking and personality predicting.

Snapchat- You’re definitely narcissistic; you love taking photos of yourself constantly and you could probably do it for a living, like the Kardashians. But this doesn’t apply to you if you snap a pic of your eye and call it a day.

VSCO- You live for aesthetics and you’re always taking photos. You’re stuck in 2020 and think you’re too good for Instagram. I know you still own all those scrunchies. You really live up to this lifestyle if your VSCO account is linked in your Instagram bio.

Facebook- Ew. I know you have this because your parents forced you to download it as soon as you got your first phone to “keep up with long-distance family. But let’s face it, you’ve never touched it.

TikTok- You’re pretty up to date. Everyone has Tik Tok, and you’ve certainly tried to end your addiction to it, but we all know it’s not possible.

Twitter- You live for gossip; you eat it up. Everyone comes to you for the latest news. You definitely got sent to the principal’s office in middle school for borderline bullying by the monkey bars.

Pinterest- You’re a dreamer. You’re in love with the idea of this perfect life on the coast of Italy with pet bunnies, a vineyard, perfect sunsets every day, bluebird skies, designer everything, the green kitchen, a breakfast nook, a library with bay windows in the corner of your living room: all of the Pinterest worthy photos in one lifestyle.

YouTube- No one’s attention span can last long enough through a YouTube video in this generation. I honestly envy you if you can still get through an entire YouTube video because I certainly can’t.

BeReal- You’re a trend follower, and if you still use this app even though, it’s at its downfall. You are showing signs of attachment issues. You need to let go and move on. No more BeReals, it’s irrelevant.