Madison Osberger-Low: A Doll’s House Poem


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This poem was written as a creative project in Madison’s Ib English class based on the play A Doll’s House.


Love is like a macaroon,

Filled with a white chocolate filling,

Filled with surprises,

But also full of bitterness,

Leaving the mind with nothing but guilt.


Marriage is like a never- ending ornament on a tree,

The more you play with it,

The better chance of falling to the floor

And shattering into….

Into something larger than a broken heart.

Happiness is like a blue house,

Built only with pink and yellow shingles,

That keep all the smiles, the young family holds,

But all that lies behind the white woven fence,

Is a family that is cracked and broken.

A lie is like a never- ending rope, that keeps pulling on both ends,

It locks inside the brain, like a corn stuck in your tooth that can’t get out,

with a following negative malicious creature,


for the last heartbreak to fall.

Love is cherished, Love is forever, but in the end,

all find a way to escape through the cracks of lies.

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