Tall Girl Review

Tall girl is a Netflix original movie about a 6’1 junior in highschool, Jodi Kreyman played by Ava Michelle, who is on the hunt to find a boyfriend, As soon as a foreign exchange student walks into her school she is lovestruck because he is the only person who is taller than her but everyone else is constantly staring at her except for him. Many people recognized that her life is not as hard as she makes me seem.

Once the movie came out there was one line everyone had a lot of opinions on. When Jodi (Ava Michelle) exclaimed,“You think your life is hard? I’m a high school junior wearing size 13 Nikes. Beat that.”

Everyone immediately contradicted that and came back with their own struggle. This one line made a lot of people lose respect for a very well thought out movie. Although many people have controversy against this movie, others found the movie to be very entertaining and did not take offense.

High school can be a struggle when it comes to bullying and hazing, and Tall Girl addressed the fact that people are bullied about things they can’t change on a daily basis. Bringing attention to teenagers that there is a way to rise above it was their main goal. not to say a 16-year-old girl with size 13 Nikes has a harder life than any other person. The controversy to that would most likely be that she actually said “Beat that” is what caused the problem.

Many people in the LGBTQ+ and people of color were not too fond of the fact that she thought her life was hard compared to theirs. Jodi was expressing how hard her life was as a blue eyed tall white teenager. This was very offensive to people feel their life is harder than hers.

The way the character is portrayed in having a bad life is because she is bullied for being tall. She constantly gets comments like “How’s the weather up there” or is called names like “Lebron” “Skyscraper” and “Daddy Long Legs”. People who also struggle with bullying felt as though this movie was essentially making it seem like height is the only thing kids get bullied for.

The movie was not supposed to be taken in an offensive way. Netflix puts out movies quite often for their consumers’ entertainment, and this was just another one of those quick stories. It was portraying the fact that everyone’s life is hard in some way some more physical than others, but there is always to rise up above there insecurities, and that was what Netflix was trying to show teens.