Local Alex Ferreira takes first in X-Games


Alex Ferreira poses with his mom and sister after winning gold.

During the 2020 X-Games, Alex Ferreira took first place in Men’s Superpipe and in the hearts of locals in the Men’s Superpipe. Putting in what one would call a perfect run for the Men’s Superpipe, scoring a 92.66, with a max height of 13’ 8’’, and five hits.

Alex took the gold medal after his third and final run with a score of 92.66. Scoring higher than an Olympic gold medalist, David Wise, by nearly two points, after placing second behind Wise in the 2018 Olympics.

After his final run he could have only been described as elated with joy, and happiness with the run he had just put in. The pure joy was not only shared between Alex and the rest of his family, but with the Aspen locals. Alex really wanted to do this not only for himself but for his supporters.

Alex and his family did not only view this as a personal success but as one for all Aspen natives. Alex truly wanted to win for his town, and for his supporters. He wanted to leave a legacy in Aspen that resided with all the locals.

Alex is, of course, still riding the high of winning his second gold medal at Aspen X-Games for two years in a row, but he is using this win as fuel for the rest of the season. Alex knows from past competitions that no-win comes easy, and there is endless preparation and training that goes into winning an event. He hopes that this medal will give him the confidence he needs to do well for the rest of his 2020 season.

Alex, through his love of skiing, has left a legacy for local Aspen skiers in years to come and has continued to be an inspiration to fans and fellow skiers to always push the limit. Making him a serious role model for young skiers wishing to follow in his footsteps.

A current student at AHS, Sam Gibb, who spends most of his free time on the mountain doing what he loves had something to attest to Ferreira’s win.

“Alex continues to leave a legacy as his wins become those of Aspen Locals,” Gibb said.