Freshmen start valet parking in AMS parking lot


Photo by Jenny Ellis

AHS Senior, Karen Galvan, passes her keys to Freshmen, Harper Axelman, to park her car.

SATIRE- At the start of the 2019-2020 school year, a new deal was struck between AHS seniors and incoming freshmen. This transaction was proposed by the class of 2023 shortly after their “Move Up” tour of the high school late in the 2018-2019 school year. After hearing the horror stories of new freshmen being bottle dropped or hung from “the Boat” by their underwear, the class of 2023 decided they needed some insurance, plus benefits, to secure a smooth school year.

At a student-led conference held in the Seminar Room over the summer, representatives from both grades deliberated for several hours before a compromise was reached. The freshmen promised free valet parking to all seniors in the AMS parking lot all year in exchange for no hazing and a free one day pass across the infamous “Yellow Brick Road”.

Freshman Will Park Urcar described the importance of the agreements within this groundbreaking deal.

“As a representative of my grade, I think it is so important that we freshmen can cross over to the other side of the Commons. Being able to sit with our friends who are upperclassmen is so important to us. Even just being close enough to almost touch the boat is worth it to me,” Urcar explained.

Even though it may seem like a large task to park more than 50 cars by 8:05 every day, with the guidance of parents like Neid Alicense’s, the freshmen’s’ operation moves smoothly.

“Although my mom has to come with me every day to park the cars, I don’t see that as something that holds me back. She might miss her hot yoga class from time to time, but she doesn’t do anything else, so that’s not a huge issue. I still get to choose the radio station, and sometimes, my mom sits in the back seat to let me be more independent,” Alicense, age 15 explained.

The seniors this year don’t get to “haze” the freshmen in a typical manner, but they feel the trade-off of free valet parking is worth it. Plus, the class of 2020 has found creative loopholes that allow them to play a few pranks here and there.

“I mean it’s nice; I’m not going to lie. I don’t have to worry about finding a spot in the parking lot or walking up to the high school when it’s cold. I don’t worry about my car itself because I know the freshmen’s parents are in there with them. Plus, sometimes when my gas tank is almost completely empty, I still drive to school so the frosh has to fill it up with their money. It all evens out in the end, I think,” AHS Senior Noah Moore Gasmoney said.

Not all Seniors choose to use this deal to their advantage, rather some like Parker Somwherelse see another opportunity within the arrangement, which can be very beneficial.

“In previous years, sophomores and juniors have taken over the parking lot in the second semester, but this year they can’t get near it because the freshmen won’t even park their cars. It’s nice to finally have a guaranteed parking space without other grades getting in the way,” said Somwherelse.