Masks: How they are becoming a health tool and a fashion trend


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These are some of the various fashion masks that are being made to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The surgical face mask is now becoming a staple in everyday life. When history looks back on the pandemic of 2020, those white and blue rectangles that hide the mouth and nose is what they will see. The masks began appearing almost immediately after the start of the spread of COVID-19. Many Asian countries have already been wearing masks, as a fashion statement and to protect their health. These days, the masks are everywhere ( and nowhere, as there is a serious supply shortage).

Now, photographs of people in masks appear on almost every news channel and social media site. People wore these masks, in various fabrics and colors, to London Fashion Week and other public events at the start of the spread. The mask has become the virus’s avatar.

Since its creation in the mid-1890s, the mask has become a staple in hospitals. When performing surgery, doctors and nurses always have one on. What used to be a foreign object in fashion may become a must must-have in everyday society. During this quarantine time, people are taking the time to make cute masks for people in need. It’s an amazing way to give back to our community.

Since society attributes so much meaning to the human face and its expressions, to hide what is the most naked, accessible, part of yourself, can be deeply alienating to those around us. Many people say the eyes are the windows to the soul, which can be correct, but the mouth is an important guide to emotions. It’s a part of how we understand each other’s feelings. A mask creates a barrier between you and the world.

I fear that people won’t bother making connections or meeting new people because of this pandemic. The mask prevents us from connecting with others and giving them a big smile. Even though these masks might become the new norm, I fear people will lose their ability to engage with others in public.

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