Not new but learning

Pictured above is my gear for biking. Water is always important to have. The shoes are stable bike shoes with a solid sole that is no easy to move. All of this gear is important for mountain biking. (Delaney Tullar)
This was my second-day using clip-ins. They are a very sturdy shoe and the clip can be adjusted. I found that it was hard to use when closer to the toe, and positioned it closer to the center in order to clip out easier.
This is the casualty from day one of the clip-ins. I was caught in a willow bush and got scrapped up. There is one on my other shin as well. I attempted to fall into the hill but ended up falling down instead.
As this is day two in clip-ins, we decided to do an easier trail called Butterline. This is the trailhead on the side of Owl Creek Road in Aspen behind the airport.
Here is a view of the trail from the bike. As I stopped to take this photo, someone came speeding up behind me and whipped around the corner. Against my advice, my dad encouraged me to get this photo; however, it was worth the risk.
This is the opposite end of the trail. This sign is indicating that drivers use caution as bikers cross the road.
This is my mountain bike.
This is my dad cleaning the bike after our ride. I have given the perspective of being behind the tree. He did not know that I was there. The tree is in focus and he is blurry, rather than the other way around.
This is really cool perspective of the gears. You can see the minor details of the chain and the cassette.
I thought this was a unique perspective. You can see all of the ridges and the rubber showing that this is not a new tire. I wanted to make sure that the handlebars were visible, even though they are not the main focus of the photograph.