Delaney Tullar

The senior class gathered at the gazebo for their senior photo in February, 2020.

Let the celebrations begin! On Saturday, May 30th, Aspen High School will be giving the senior class of 2020 a graduation to remember – beyond the fact that they will literally always be able to watch it as there will be a broadcasted version on Facebook and Youtube. Not only will this special event be online but each and every senior will be TV famous as the ceremony will be live on GrassRoots Community Network. Students will be spotlighted on the local radio featuring Aspen, the Roaring Fork Valley, and the world!

Though this graduation could not be more COVID-style in its attempt to reach as many people in as many places as safely as possible, faculty and staff have made tremendous efforts to make the ceremony special and, of course, Aspenish. Though spring’s sudden outbreak of the global pandemic cut the ski season short, SkiCo plans to open the Summit Express chairlift for graduates to enjoy even more close-quarters quarantining now with a change in scenery and altitude. Students will also use this time to flip their tassels and mark their farewell to AHS. Instead of heels, it will be ski boots and knee socks hidden under the graduates’ gowns, but it might be warm enough to leave behind the hand warmers.

This year’s commencement speaker, who has overcome mountains of challenges himself and who has always come out on the other side rather smoothly, will be the professional athlete Chris Davenport. Hopefully, he can help add a celebratory feel to the seniors’ success of peaking their high school careers but as long as he refrains from giving his ‘best’ advice, “it’s all downhill from here,” the speech should be promising.

Students, families, and staff have all worked tirelessly this spring quarter to give the seniors the celebratory graduation and recognition they all deserve. On behalf of the entire community, a huge thank you goes out to all of those who have dedicated their time to make this year’s graduation ceremony possible and extra special. Juniors might even be asking for a COVID-style graduation next year! Congratulations to all seniors and remember, it’s all downhill from here. #weskiin.