Nic Pevny gets ready to Par-Tee after golf state championship win


Photo courtesy of the @aspenskierathletics instagram

Nic Pevny at the end of his golf swing during the state championship tournament.

On October 6, AHS junior, Nic Pevny, became the first AHS student to individually win the 3A state golf championship. His final collective score over the two day championship was 140: two below par of the 36 hole tournament. The golf tournament at Gunnison’s Dos Rios golf club was against many strong competitors. Seniors Cole Kennedy, Jake Doyle, and Andrew Vallone, also attended the tournament.
Pevney began the second day with a lead, but competitors began to catch up. Despite the pressure, Pevny was able to remain steady in his scores as his competitors faltered. The second place winner, Thayer Plewe, scored only three strokes above Pevny.
“I felt a little bit of pressure the second day, but then that calmed down after the first couple of holes. On the back nine the last day, it got pretty close at one point, but I just tried not to think about it too much and not worry about the other players,” Pevny said.
In previous years, multiple players on the golf team had come close to a victory, including Jack Pevny, Nic’s brother. In 2018, the golf team won the championship together, however, this year, the team finished 7th overall. However, Pevny excelled at the tournament.
“Winning the tournament felt really awesome. I didn’t really realize how big it was until a couple hours after when I saw how much it had affected me,” Pevny said.
Since winning the tournament, Pevny has been contacted by various colleges interested in having him play for them. While Pevny is only a junior, he still appreciated the atmosphere of the team.
“The best part of playing golf for me is being able to practice with my friends and go out on the course whenever we want to play. I love competing and playing in tournaments,” Pevny stated.