AHS teachers and their celebrity look alikes

AHS Counsellor Josh Berro and his celebrity look-a-like, Tom Hanks.

Hannah Smith, Staff Writer

March 10, 2020

The phenomenon of doppelgangers is definitely a fascinating topic, and at AHS, there are some teacher-celebrity look-alikes that will startle you. One shocking celeb-look alike is AHS french teacher, Eric Lamb, and the popular YouTuber, Pewdipie. The resemblance is uncanny! Pewdiepie is on the right,...

Four highlights from New York Fashion Week

Kaia Gerber, daughter of Cindy Crawford - a famous model from the 90s -  walks for the Marc Jacobs show during New York Fashion Week.

Bella Hoffman, Staff Writer

March 10, 2020

On February 3rd, 2020, the infamous New York Fashion week began, showcasing hundreds of talented designers. Most of the designers we’re not high-end brands. These new names in fashion sent social media into a frenzy. Stars from the new Netflix show “Cheer” gave the models their famous “mat-talk”...

Aspen Skating club production will feature world class guests and local skaters

A poster for the Aspen Skating Club's upcoming show on Saturday, which will feature international competitors Mirai Nagasu and Alexander Johnson as well as over 50 local skaters.

Harper Axelman, Staff Writer

March 6, 2020

The Aspen Skating Club is hosting a show on Saturday that will showcase local figure skaters’ talent and will also feature guest skaters Mirai Nagasu and Alexander Johnson, who are Olympians and international competitors. The show, Frozen Adventures on Ice, will take place at the Aspen Recreation...

Press Release: Guys and Dolls

Over parent-teacher conferences, AHS and AMS students will be performing on Guys and Dolls in the District Theatre

Emily Kinney, News Editor

March 6, 2020

Aspen High School Presents Guys and Dolls ASPEN, COLORADO: Aspen High School’s Theatre Department will be performing Guys and Dolls, taking place at the Aspen District Theater on March 12th-15th (times posted below). This production is an oddball romantic comedy set in New York City in the ’30s,...

Who was Kobe?

Kobe Bryant hugs his daughter Gianna during a Los Angeles Lakers game on Nov. 17, 2019.

Stella McAniff, Staff Writer

February 28, 2020

The man, the myth, the legend, Kobe Bryant, was killed on January 26th in a helicopter crash, which also took the lives of eight others, including his daughter, Giana. Bryant was a cultural icon in life as well as death. His death left the world in shock. Bryant was one of the most famous basketball...

Scholastic Art and Writing Competition

Aspen High School students who qualified to have their art displayed in Denver, History of Colorado Center, Sie Center and the Colleen Fanning Art Advisory's Chancery Building.

Ally Williams, Writer

February 28, 2020

Five AHS students were nominated to have their art displayed at the Denver History of Colorado center, Colleen Fanning Art Advisory’s Chancery Building and the Sie Center. AHS seniors, Axel Livingston and Naomi Sherman won the Gold Key award and their art will be displayed in Carnegie Hall. The Scholastic...

Oscars 2020

2020 Oscars Trophy advertisement by ABC

Brenon Reed, Staff Writer

February 28, 2020

The 2020 academy awards recognized films from the suspenseful back story of batman's arch-nemesis, Joker, to the dark comedy of a Korean family leeching off the rich, Parasite. The Academy Awards (Oscars) consist of 24 different categories ranging from Best picture to Makeup and Hairstyling. The first...

Joaquin Pheonix Oscar Speech

Stef Wojcik, Staff Writer

February 28, 2020

Joaquin Phoenix recently accepted an Oscar for ‘best actor’ in his outstanding role in Joker, however, his performance on stage during his speech is equally as rewardable. Phoenix grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico often moving around as a result of his parents’ involvement with the missionaries...

The Cult of Bachelor Nation

Contestants on this season of the Bachelor pose with bachelor Peter.

Lauren Fox, Staff Writer

February 13, 2020

Every Monday night, nearly five million people tune into ABC for two hours in excitement, drama, and heartbreak. This is not just any regular tv show, football game or the occasional episode of Game of Thrones: this is The Bachelor. This broadcasted social experiment follows one man as he dates multiple...

Billie Eilish: a statement

Coverage of Billie Eilish as a young aspiring fashion icon and musician.

Stefani Wojcik, Staff Writer

February 13, 2020

Billie Eilish is the new face of Gen Z and has become a global impact on teenagers and young adults. Through her fashion approach, musical successes, and musical style Eilish has advocated for change against global controversies. Similar to Greta Thunberg, Eilish uses her age and passions to advocate for the issues s...

AHS IB Art Show Photo Essay

Kaelyn Kroeger, Photographer

January 30, 2020

Years of Jumanji

Years of Jumanji

Lala Schaldach, Staff Writer

January 9, 2020

Since 1995 to 2019 there have been three successful Jumanji to come to theaters. All are filled with adventure and are known for their creative storylines. Technology allows the movies continue to get more high tech with their filming capabilities making the movies more appealing. The movies have gotten...