Spring Sports Senior Recognition: Women’s Golf

Due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, AHS shut it’s doors to students and as a result, spring sports were canceled/extended alongside class hours. This was the last season that all senior spring athletes would have participated in. As a commemoration of their dedicated involvement in Aspen athletics, seniors Avery Hirsch, Julia Higdon, and Hailey Higdon reflected on their time on the Aspen Girls Golf team.

Avery Hirsch:
Hi, I’m Avery Hirsch, and I have been playing golf since I was 8-years-old. I love golf because it’s a sport that I was taught by my grandpa. I caught onto it quickly and have loved it ever since. I love golf because it’s a technical sport and there are many aspects that go into playing it. I have enjoyed playing on this team from freshman to senior year (even though it was cut short). One of my favorite memories is States last year. We played in the snow and rain and the second day (my birthday) got canceled because of the weather. I have been playing on the team with Coach Martha for two years and think she has made a real difference in the team’s playing abilities. I might be playing in college, but I will definitely continue throughout my life as well. I will be attending CU Boulder in the fall. I have enjoyed playing on the Girls Golf team all four years of high school, and golf has definitely made a huge impact on my life for the past ten years.

Hailey Higdon:
I’ve been on the golf team since freshman year. Being on the team has taught me many things, from perseverance to how to make jokes out of practically anything. I’d say that the team interacts very well, we are always encouraging each other during frustrating times (which is a lot because golf is really hard), and we’re always laughing and having a good time. We’ve traveled to many different places and played in many conditions the most memorable being States last year, where we played all five hours in the snow but still managed to have a good time. My favorite memories have been seeing one of my teammates falling off the back of a golf cart and having to run many holes because we were playing too slow, in addition to countless other memories. Next year I will be going to CU Boulder, and as far as golf in college, I will continue to play but not as part of a team. Overall, golf has been a very fun and challenging sport that has allowed me to form new friendships and gain new skills on and off the course. Being part of the team has been something that I’ve looked forward to every year and is something that I’m really happy I got to partake in.

Julia Higdon:
Hi, I’m Julia Higdon. I have been playing golf since eighth grade and have been on the high school team since freshman year. The golf season is something that I look forward to every year. Even though there aren’t many people on the team and it is not one of the more notable high school sports, the girls on the team are so positive and supportive of everything. No matter what we are doing, we figure out ways to have fun. Golf has taught me so much. It has taught me to persevere and see through the tears when you are incredibly frustrated, and the ball isn’t doing what you want it to, and when you are on the course for four hours at a time or in the car during the long drives. I want to thank our coaches, who are amazing and taught me so much about sport and life in general. Some of my favorite memories would be during a tournament when I fell off of a golf cart or the time I got a hole in one. Next year I will be attending Chapman University, and as far as golfing in college, they offer it as a class, which I hope to take.I will continue to golf but most likely not on a team. Overall, my time playing golf during high school has been a fantastic learning experience and has challenged me mentally and physically. I have been able to form many new friendships and is something that I am so lucky to be apart of.

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