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Skier Showcase

The Skier Showcase gives AHS students and faculty the opportunity to display projects they have been working on, both in the classroom and in their personal lives. We ask that submissions are something the creator is proud of and that it showcases their talents well. If you or someone you know has a creation they would like to have to show to the larger AHS community, please fill out the form. We cannot wait to show off what you make!

*The Editorial team of the Skier Scribbler reverses the right not to publish a product if it does not meet our current guidelines.

The trifecta of Highlands Tiehack and Pyramid Peak on a cloudy and windy Wednesday afternoon.
(Oliver Semple)

The Skier Showcase Presents:

What is Soo Bahk Do?

by Ari Washburn 

A martial art, yes, and more than defense.

It is a mentality.

It is the courage to face fear and look into the eyes of another. 

It is connection, the ability to socialize, and collaborate. 

It is a new look on life. 


A martial artist looks out in the world and says how I can help. 

A martial artist observes the situation in a new manner, a new air, a clear mind. 

A martial artist is brave, brave enough to look up from the device and into the eyes of authority. 

One grows up and develops an air of maturity and intensity

One grows up and embodies discipline. 

One grows up and reaches out with respect and treats others as equals. 

It is an art, more than martial. 

It is an art, not just self-defense. 

It is an art, where the right technique can mesmerize the eyes of others. 

Step in, begin, build up stronger.

Soo Bahk Do

Curious, let us know:  [email protected]


Wives tales of self-defense

by AHS sophomore Elleana Bone

Many people believe they know how to defend themselves when confronted with a threat, however, due to the misguidance of wives tales, most people actually do not.

People are often told to, for example, yell “fire” instead of “rape” because that would catch people’s attention better. This is, in fact, not the case. When people hear fire and look out the window to not see any smoke, they go back to their activities. When they hear rape, they understand the problem and are more likely to take the correct action. If possible, call 911 or a friend or family to help if someone won’t leave. This is a good method for stalking and following as well. Having another person around can make the threat less likely to take action due to intimidation of multiple people.

Another wives tale is that throwing one’s wallet on the ground during a mugging will lead to a window of escape. This unfortunately often backfires, as the mugger takes offense to the gesture, which can lead to violence. Not doing exactly as the mugger asks can make them very angry and give them a reason to opt for violence. 

On that note, when a threat appears, most people’s first instinct is to ask for mercy or beg the person not to hurt them. However, when inmates for violent crimes were interviewed, they actually stated that they had not even thought about hurting the person until the victim had mentioned it. Instead of leaving as they would have without harm to the victim, the inmate took action to hurt the person solely because the victim suggested it. Give the criminals only what they ask for and never give them any ideas by suggesting things they may not even have been thinking of.

Another action people often don’t think of as dangerous is unlocking one’s car when searching for it. The lights flash, which makes it easier to find, yes. This can, however, lead to many dangers. A culprit now knows where the car is and that it is unlocked. They can wait by the car until the victim gets there, or they can get inside the car and wait for the victim there. It is better to walk around for longer to find it and only unlock it once close. Another option might be to continuously lock the car instead of unlocking it. The lights will still flash, making it easier for both you and your perpetrator, unfortunately, to find the car.

Unfortunately, women are the most targeted for any assault, stalking, or mugging. Criminals are less likely to attack if they believe there is a threat to them, such as a man or dog around. Small things such as putting up a “beware of dog” sign or a pair of muddy men’s boots outside the door can intimidate and wave off a threat. Even acquiring a very feminine car can be potentially dangerous. It is hard to hear that just being a woman can bring harm, but unfortunately many times it is true.

The best thing one can do is keep one composure when confronted with a threat. Stay calm and rational, but not so much that it may come off as egotistical so that the threat feels challenged. This can lead to violence. Keeping calm will let the criminal take what they came for and leave, without notions of further violence or action. Do not be overly submissive, as they may take the opportunity to assault, or worse, a very submissive person. Speak up if something happens, and take action to prosecute before they do the same to someone else.