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The student news site of Aspen High School


The student news site of Aspen High School


LLaMA 3 Released

June 4, 2024

You probably haven’t heard of LLaMA 3, Meta Inc.’s new text AI (“LLM”). But it might just change the world. On Thursday, April 18, Meta released the third generation of their LLaMA (Large Language...

Unraveling the TikTok Ban

Chase Slesinger-Hall, Staff Writer May 16, 2024

Mounting concerns over its ownership and security, TikTok is facing a trial that could determine its fate. Created by ByteDance in 2016, TikTok quickly gained popularity, becoming one of the most used...

School’s New Chromebooks

Owen Cruz-Abrams, Staff Writer May 16, 2024

After August 24th, 2024, AHS will require all students to use school-provided Chromebook Plus devices from Acer. This is a shift from the school’s current “Bring Your Own Device”, or BYOD, policy....

Leap Year : History behind this Phenomenon

Leap Year : History behind this Phenomenon

Rylee Smith, News/Sports Editor May 16, 2024

The concept of leap year is something that is commonly recognized, but less frequently understood. A standardized calendar covers 12 months, 8760 hours, 52 weeks, and one additional day, making a total...

The solar eclipse at 100% totality in Wyoming during the 2017 total eclipse.

A Total Eclipse of the Heart

Elsa Tullar, Editor-In-Chief May 13, 2024

As the world bids farewell to the mesmerizing solar eclipse that occurred on April 9th, 2024 at 12:36 pm MST (Mountain Standard Time), anticipation begins to simmer for the next occurrence of this rare...

Gonzalez-Pita waves her pole toward new beginnings at Aspen Mountain on April 21, 2024.

Haylen Gonzalez-Pita Climbs Upstairs to Begin New Chapter as Librarian

Sara Kershow, Editor-in-Chief May 13, 2024

In the 2024-2025 school year Haylen Gonzalez-Pita will begin her new role as the AHS librarian. Haylen Gonzalez-Pita has been a science teacher for seven years. You may know her as the environmental...

Students and families from all over the Western Slope gather at the Aspen Middle School parking lot on October 1st, 2023 to talk to the numerous college reps inside the white tents.

College Outreach and Planning Your Summer

Marley Rich, Staff Writer May 13, 2024

Aspen High School students are being welcomed into the Aspen community through a multitude of summer opportunities that will keep this summer exciting. Aspen High School hosted the Summer Jobs Fair on...

The NASA Goddard Telescope captured this massive Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) erupting from the sun in 2012.

The Poles of the Sun are About to Flip – What and Why?

Owen Cruz-Abrams, Staff Writer March 21, 2024

Within the next year, all technology on Earth could be obliterated. Why? The poles of the massive, 10,430℉ fireball above the planet Earth are about to switch places. In the last few years, the sun...

Kelly Donnelly hiking in her free time.

Kelly Donnelly’s Future Plans After Moving on from AHS

Marley Rich, Staff Writer March 21, 2024

Many students and parents learned via email on February 16 that Aspen High School Counselor, Kelly Donnelly, is resigning on March 22. Donnelly will move on to pursue a position within the State of Colorado...

The Snowmass Master Development Plan seen in a map of the mountain.

Ski Resort Changes to Expect for Next Season

Elsa Tullar, Editor-in-Chief March 21, 2024

In the Summer of 2024, expansions to the Snowmass ski area will begin. These new additions will aim to maximize skiing time for visitors and reduce long lift lines. High-speed ski lifts are a positive...

Gia Galindo Bartley and her younger sister Tsahai Bartley Galindo enjoying their time at JAS Aspen

Cultural Vibrancy Fellowship Program

Sara Michelin, Staff Writer February 29, 2024

Gia Galindo Bartley is a Junior at AHS, pursuing International Baccalaureate (IB) Art. She was a part of the first-ever 2023 Cultural Vibrancy Fellowship Program, in which local artists are provided funding...

Best Buddie Participants play with slime during a Monday meeting.

Aspen Middle School Joins The Best Buddie Program

Marley Rich, Staff Writer February 29, 2024

This school year, the international ‘Best Buddy Program’ has made its way to Aspen Middle School. Best Buddies is a nonprofit, with the mission of creating friendships, inclusive living, integrated...

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