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The student news site of Aspen High School


The student news site of Aspen High School


America’s Flawed Test-Taking System

Emily Jacobson, Staff Writer March 23, 2023

Almost every student across the US has gone through the stress of taking a standardized test, but are they truly beneficial? Schools should be a place for creativity and learning, not stress. High-stake...

Aspen High School Gay-Straight Alliance club gathers around pride flags hanging in the lobby of AHS.

Brianna Ghey: a Martyr for Trans Rights

Oceane Jones, Editor-In-Chief March 7, 2023
Whether we like it or not, by failing to lobby for transgender rights we are complicit in the hatred lobbied at the trans community.

Too Much Fluff, Too Little Substance

Beau Toepfer and Quintessa Frisch March 6, 2023

Fluff pieces have become more prevalent; important events are receiving less coverage due in part to desensitization to tragedy and the necessity requirement to hold readers’ attention. In some cases,...

What Happened to Adam Sandler?

What Happened to Adam Sandler?

Haley Schmela, Staff Writer March 2, 2023

Adam Sandler, a man who once brought utter happiness into the lives of anyone with a good sense of humor. His movies, being incredibly stupid, seem to have taught me more life lessons than any bump in...

Life-Changing Literacy

Greta Holton, Staff Writer February 28, 2023

Today in America, there are frightening low levels of literacy affecting the population’s ability to participate in and contribute to the world around them. Literacy can be a great equalizer, leveling...

Parking Wreaks Havoc Among AHS Students

Parking Wreaks Havoc Among AHS Students

Lauren Kinney February 16, 2023

Over the past few months, it feels as if school starts at 7:55 a.m. rather than 8:45 a.m. The sole reason is the parking debacle. Juniors that drive to school, must leave early enough to park outside of...

Editor-in-Chief, Ava Cherry, poses for the camera.

Eradication of Slavery

Ava Cherry, Editor-in-Chief February 16, 2023

Colorado, Utah, and Nebraska are the only states with modified amendments that unconditionally ban slavery. These alterations have yet to change the landscape of prison labor. The 13th amendment, ratified...

Editorial: Multicultural Failures in America

Editorial: Multicultural Failures in America

February 14, 2023

Since its inception, America has been built on the back of oppression, with our economy and infrastructure gained from generations of exploiting African Americans and other minorities for forced and underpaid...

Junior, Clementine Neral Robertson browses the widespread gap year travel opportunities

Gap Year: Extended time, So Beneficial It Is a Crime

Rylee Smith, Staff Writer January 31, 2023

To many, college may seem like the obvious and inexplicably clear choice following our foundational years of education. College holds an abundance of both academic and extracurricular opportunities that...

Although many travelers are still hesitant to visit Rwanda on account of the Genocide, the nation is rebuilding and stronger than ever, something that can be uniquely attributed to their majority-female parliament. Although women make up almost half of the world’s population, they occupy less than a quarter of political seats, according
to a study by National Geographic. However, the same cannot be said about Rwanda. The Genocide itself paved the way for gender equality for women to claim their seat in power and change their nation for the better.

A World Post-Genocide: How Rwanda Rebuilt with Female Leaders

Oceane Jones, Editor-in-Chief January 30, 2023

The Rwandan Genocide occurred from April 7th, 1994 to July 15, 1995. During this 100-day period, armed Hutus killed around 800,000 of the Tutsi minority and moderate Hutus and Twa. As the nation rebuilds...

Student completing work.

The Homework Haul

Addy Christensen, Staff Writer January 2, 2023

After 8 hours of school, two hours of sports practice, and what seems like a million hours of driving to get home, you're exhausted. It's been a long day. On the way home, you were planning on maybe watching...

A student at Aspen High watching an interesting true crime documentary on Netflix.

Obsession With True Crime

Quintessa Frisch, Opinion Editor January 2, 2023

“Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" has taken over the charts - with 701.37 million hours watched in its initial release. It is Netflix's second most popular English-language series. These...

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