Fine dining for AHS students

AHS student Gemma Hill enjoying eating a pie

Annika Nichols, Staff Writer

October 21, 2020

Dining with friends is a constant cycle of CP Burger, Big Wrap, and occasionally New York Pizza or Hickory House. Sometimes, it’s rough to be an Aspen High School student looking for affordable cuisine in Aspen Colorado. I love Big Wrap as much as the next AHS student, but there are tons of other places...

The United States is in need of a mindful minute

A representation of the two main political parties taking a mindful minute.

Emily Kinney, Editor-in-Chief

October 20, 2020

Whether it’s breathing exercises, listening to a ringing bell, or simply sitting still, students at AHS have most likely participated in a “mindful minute.” These minutes are exercises in mindfulness, designed to train one’s mind to observe one’s thoughts and feelings without judgement or criticism. During said minutes, students are encoura...

The Electoral College: a failure of democracy

A representation of how the Electoral College suppresses democracy in the United States.

Katelyn O'Callaghan, Editor-in-Chief

October 17, 2020

In the 2020 election, Colorado voters will see Colorado Proposition 113, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, on their ballots. The proposition will determine if Colorado will use the popular vote system rather than the Electoral College. The topic has sparked debate around whether the Electoral...

Local restaurants (mis)handling of COVID-19 regulations

Pitkin County

Aja Schiller, News Editor

October 15, 2020

There are many regulations for restaurants to follow in order to be open during the COVID-19 outbreak. The Pitkin County Response and Recovery website labels them as “The Five Commitments to Containment,” which are: maintaining six feet between people who are not in the same household, frequently...

“Just a hoax”: Pres. Trump is diagnosed with COVID-19

Tweeted on October 5 when Pres. Trump left Walter Reed Hospital.

Aja Schiller, News Editor

October 15, 2020

After months of making light of the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, President Trump and the first lady were with COVID-19 early October 1st. Pres. Trump announced the news over Twitter, and canceled a Florida campaign rally set to be on Friday, Oct. 2. He was transported to the Walter Reed National...

Editorial: a tribute to RBG

Nicknamed the Notorious RBG, Ginsburg was renowned for her work in gender equality.

Emily Kinney, Editor-in-Chief

September 23, 2020

She was a champion of creating gender equality; the United States could not retain the title “The Land of the Free'' without the work of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In order to repay RBG for her years of effort in creating “free-er” America, the American people must fight to make...

Best Zoom backgrounds

Members of the Journalism class uses backgrounds in their Zoom call.

Kaelyn Kroeger, Writing Editor

September 22, 2020

In the age of digital classes, adding a little zest to your daily Zooms can be a little spark of entertainment both for yourself and your classmates. Zoom is an app that has become one of the most popular amidst a pandemic. The application has artfully and generously included the option to change your...

AHS blasting off with Rocketbook

Kayla Tehrani, Business Manager

September 22, 2020

 This year, AHS did something new and gave each student and teacher a Rocketbook. The Rocketbook was given to students as a means of taking notes without wasting paper, as well as providing legible scans of homework in a timely and streamlined manner.  The Rocketbook is essentially an erasable ...

Jeff Bezos should be consumed by the public in a grand feast

Jeff Bezos depicted as the Devil.

Tessa Guthrie, Editor-in-Chief

September 21, 2020

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, should be consumed by the public in a grand feast. Bezos is currently the richest person in the world, with a net worth of $184.9 billion. Bezos makes $2,489 each second, in comparison, the average full time worker makes $876 a week. Bezos is also known to exploit his workers....

Disposable vs. fabric masks

A comparison of of a disposable mask vs. a fabric mask.

Annika Nichols, Staff Writer

September 18, 2020

The most obvious fashion statement today is something we never would’ve expected six months ago: masks. Masks encourage people to cover their faces. You now have the option to wear a simple disposable mask or invest in a fabric mask. Both prove effective but are fabric masks superior to disposable...

AHS has taken virtual learning in stride

The guidelines and credentials that Aspen School District have been following in order to provide the most beneficial school year.

Stef Wojcik, News Editor

September 18, 2020

Aspen High School has not skipped a beat in providing students with the resources for smooth online classes, and their efforts in maintaining school spirit are just as strongly integrated. On September 9th, students attended grade-level meetings where they talked with their class officers about the...

No online homework: a way to improve online school

Tigist Peshek, an AHS Junior struggles with after school work online.

Jenny Ellis, Staff Writer

September 14, 2020

Online school presents challenges for students being online all day. There is no question that this unforeseeable no in personschool situation AHS is currently facing is complicated. But there are ways for students and teachers to work together to make this experience as enjoyable as possible. Sitting...