The student news site of Aspen High School


The student news site of Aspen High School


The student news site of Aspen High School


Pizza Toppings and Their Controversies

Cassia Bone, Staff Writer June 9, 2022

People put all kinds of toppings on their pizzas, from the basic cheese and pepperoni to sardines and bananas.  Some of the most popular and common pizza toppings are cheese, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms,...

Simple Pledge Tasks

Haley Schmela June 7, 2022

Many things in life make me wonder. Things like evolution, how some people think the earth is flat, or why Mothers get a day when sharks get a whole week. However, what seems to boggle my mind every day...

The Coteries of Life

Peyton Thomas, Staff Writer June 7, 2022

Trends. Trends are different types of activity that are regularly changing. It is followed by a significant group of people and is usually started by or made big by some form of influencer whether that...

Work-Based Learning students pose while working.

Employment: Learning Outside of the Classroom

Peyton Thomas, Staff Writer June 7, 2022

As a teenager, getting a job is not always at the top of our to-do lists. Playing sports, keeping up with school, and hanging out with friends are commonly seen as far more important or simply more fun...

AHS graduates throw their caps in celebration.

The COVID Effect: How was the Class of 2022 impacted?

Addy Christensen, Staff Writer June 7, 2022

Everyone remembers the day the world was shut down by COVID. Businesses closed their doors, ski mountains closed, but nothing was more affected by COVID than schools. The senior class of 2022 graduating...

On June 2, Joe Biden delivered a speech against gun violence.

Restrictions on Gun Laws – Myth or Reality?

Carolina Lanefelt, Staff Writer June 7, 2022

The recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas shook countless people to the core, many of whom are now hoping that the incident will cause stricter gun laws to be set in place - but will it actually happen? Although...

Lake Powell is quickly disappearing, water levels are at an all-time low. We can see here the water lines are sinking and exposing rocks like this one in the lake.

The Water Crisis, Affecting Us All

Addy Christensen, Staff Writer June 7, 2022

The US is experiencing a two-decade-long drought that has resulted in the driest period within the last 1,200 years. The drought has altered the lives of countless people, especially in western states...

Stephanie Drakes fourth period Freshman class reading Night by Elie Wiesel during SSR reading time.

Teacher Retention at AHS – Teen Spotlight

Beau Toepfer, News Editor June 2, 2022

*This article was originally published in The Snowmass Sun on May. 31, 2022. Aspen School District is not the only district in the country facing teacher shortages as schools across the nation are struggling...

The calm of Aspen during off season.

Aspen and Afraid

Haley Schmela, Staff Writer May 27, 2022

With the off-season switch flipping back on, I believe some things should be addressed. As we know, the town of Aspen only caters to tourists. When our favorite dining spots close for the off-season, they...

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