What it’s like to graduate AHS during the coronavirus pandemic

AHS Skier Scribbler Editor Maeve McGuire posing for her staff photo.

Maeve McGuire, Editor-in-Chief

May 29, 2020

I walked out of the red doors of Aspen High School one final time on Wednesday, March 11, with no inclination that it would ultimately be the last. I then ditched my last class period, my last lunch in the commons, and my last all-school assembly to go skiing with some friends. If I had known that th...


The senior class gathered at the gazebo for their senior photo in February, 2020.

Stef Wojcik

May 29, 2020

Let the celebrations begin! On Saturday, May 30th, Aspen High School will be giving the senior class of 2020 a graduation to remember - beyond the fact that they will literally always be able to watch it as there will be a broadcasted version on Facebook and Youtube. Not only will this special event...

Five indoor plants that will improve your home

Healthy jade plant

Tessa Guthrie, Editor-in-chief

May 11, 2020

Recent studies have shown that houseplants improve concentration and productivity by up to 15%. Indoor plants are not only beneficial to the visual aspect of your home, but are also good for purifying air and boosting your mood. With everyone spending much more time at home lately, indoor plants are ...

How Earth Day benefits our world

A tree standing in a botanical garden in Beijing, China.

Aja Schiller, News Editor

May 6, 2020

Earth Day was founded in 1970 and falls on April 22 every year. Earth Day is a holiday to honor environmental education in hopes of raising awareness around pollution. Earth Day has currently been observed for 50 years, but the way that people honor Earth Day has significantly evolved. This evolution...

Activists go online to demand climate action

A collage showing climate activists protesting virtually around the world last week.

Harper Axelman, Staff Writer

May 3, 2020

Activists go online to demand climate action This April, environmental activists had planned to march on the streets and take action aimed at the fossil fuel industry but were not able to due to the virus. However, the obstacle did not deter them\; they changed course and hosted a variety of virtual...

Misguidance during times of crisis

Trump's series of liberate states tweets, an image from

Hannah Smith, Staff Writer

April 23, 2020

To slow the spread of COVID-19, the CDC strongly urges social distancing, meaning that people should stay at least 6 feet apart, avoid group gatherings, and stay out of crowded places. On April 15th, thousands of people defied the CDC’s guidelines and gathered in close-knit crowds in Colorado, Michigan,...

Masks: How they are becoming a health tool and a fashion trend

These are some of the various fashion masks that are being made to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Bella Hoffman, Staff Writer

April 23, 2020

The surgical face mask is now becoming a staple in everyday life. When history looks back on the pandemic of 2020, those white and blue rectangles that hide the mouth and nose is what they will see. The masks began appearing almost immediately after the start of the spread of COVID-19. Many Asian countries...

Apps everyone needs during quarantine

Apps during the Pandemic

Ava Thornely, Social Media Specialist

April 23, 2020

Quarantine has been described as boring, lonely, and uneventful. However, this Pandemic couldn't be during a better time. 21st-century technology enables us to keep busy. During the pandemic many are using technology more whether it be a zoom call for school, watching Charlie D’amelio on Tik Tok, or...

Sledding Review

The chairlifts are empty but sled tracks are visible in the mountains.

Stef Wojcik, Staff Writer

April 22, 2020

Colorado’s current stay-at-home orders regulate that all people should remain indoors, except for making use of essential resources. Pitkin County, however, understands that our four ski mountains are Aspenites’ essential resources. Though many were frustrated with Ski Co’s closing of the resort,...

Why Carole Baskin killed her husband

Carole Baskin look-alike feeding Don Lewis to a lion in Joe Exotic's music video

Katelyn O'Callaghan, Editor-in-Chief

April 18, 2020

*Disclaimer: All theories discussed are not facts. This is my opinion. Please do not sue me for slander!* Since the debut of the popular Netflix documentary, Tiger King, fans are left to grapple with the burning question of if Carole Baskin killed her ex-husband Don Lewis. Well, buckle up all you...

What to do in quarantine…

Brenon Reed, Staff Writer

April 16, 2020

This is a tough time for high schoolers, having to stay in your house with your family ALL day. If you are a fellow procrastinator (like myself) and you are bored, but don't want to be productive in any way shape or form, this list is for you! I have put together the top ten things to help you pass your...

Little Fires Everywhere Review

Kerri Washington and Reese Witherspoon on the set of Little Fires Everywhere.

Taylor Gurtman, Staff Writer

April 16, 2020

Disclaimer: This article may spoil key themes of the book and movie. Hulu has gifted the world a new TV show amidst the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States. Little Fires Everywhere, was an adaptation from the novel by Celeste Ng. The show starring Reece Witherspoon and Kerri Washington has been...