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Contest Winners

This year as a part of outreach, the Aspen High School robotics team hosted an art and writing competition for elementary and middle school students. Below are the winning art submission by Scott McCready, and the winning story “Betti The Yeti Helps The Coyote and His Yeti Class” written by second grader Hana Lena Meleg. 


The winning art piece from the Aspen High School robotics elementary and middle school art competition. Drawn by second grader Scotty McCready.





Betti The Yeti Helps The Coyote and His Yeti Class

By Hana Meleg, 2nd Grade

Betti the yeti was in yeti school, he liked to play with the other yetis. On a spring afternoon, Betti the Yeti played tag with his friends on a patch of flowers. Still, the problem was that whenever Betti the Yeti was on the yeti playground he didn’t concentrate because he was also thinking about building things. Then when it was muddy the class was bored because they could not go outside, so they sat in their chairs and grew border and border. One yeti asked,

“What should we do?”

Betti the Yeti was a thinker and said we should build something, all the yetis agreed so they came up with a plan. 

“Let’s make a magical creation for the classroom.”  One yeti said

And they did. Soon the class was magical. Then after a week when the yetis came back on Monday, their creation was gone. The yetis looked and looked but all their creations were gone. The yetis were really-really sad. Betti the Yeti got mad. He didn’t give up, so he had a plan. He asked some of his friends to help him, so at night when it was a full moon, they snuck into the yeti school. Then they put a creation that Betti the yeti had made and then they hid behind a cabinet. They took turns staying awake. First Betti the Yeti stayed awake. Then the yetis waited. Then suddenly there was a noise. A big coyote came into the class, but the coyote looked very-very sad. The coyote walked around the class and he saw the creation, but the yetis surrounded the coyote. Betti the yeti asked the coyote why he took the yetis’ creations. The coyote said his den was not colorful and that he wanted his den to be colorful like the yeti classroom. Betti the Yeti asked the coyote why he didn’t make a creation. The coyote said it was because he didn’t have colorful stuff. Betti the yeti said, 

“Come to our school tomorrow.”

“Ok,”  said the coyote.

The next day he came and said sorry. Then the teacher asked him if he wanted to make creations with the class. The coyote said he,

“ would be happy to.”

When it was time the coyote came and made creations with the yetis. 

The End 


If you would like to read the original story, click on this link.


Below are some of the Art submissions. The winner for art will have their piece displayed on the side of the robot. 


Drawing below by second grader, Meera Pradhan


Drawing below by third grader, Kiernan Keleher