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Can YOU Ski in Stilettos????


SATIRE – – – A bold and unexpected move has sent shockwaves through the Aspen High School skiing community. AHS’s premier ski race team has announced a radical change to its uniform dress code for the 2024-2025 season: traditional skiing gear is out, skiing in stilettos is in.

Yes, you read that correctly. Forget your bulky jackets, insulated pants, and sensible ski boots… AHS skiing is ushering in a new era of glamor on the slopes.

In collaboration with the “Fashion and Design” course at the high school, the teacher in the art department, Madame Piste, thoroughly explains how the Skiing in Stilettos initiative aims to revolutionize the skiing experience with student involvement, combining high fashion with high altitude in a daring display of style and skill.

“We believe in pushing the boundaries of conventional skiing,” reported Madame Piste, her designer sunglasses perched atop hair. “And what better way to do that than by skiing in stilettos?”

The announcement has left the skiers both thrilled and apprehensive at the prospect of navigating treacherous downhill terrain in four-inch heels.

“It’s certainly a bold move,” admitted veteran AHS skier and resident, Jack Powderhound, “But I’m not sure how practical it is—I can barely walk in stilettos, let alone ski!”

However, others are embracing the challenge with open arms and a sense of adventure.

“I’ve always believed that skiing is as much about style as it is about skill,” declared fashion-forward skier and self-proclaimed trendsetter, Ava Microwaver, “And what’s more stylish than skiing in stilettos?”

To wrap up the end of the ski season, the AHS ski team has already begun adjusting for next season’s change in style. In partnership with the fashion students, a sketched line of custom-designed ski stilettos has already been created, featuring sturdy yet stylish designs equipped with special grip soles and prediction trendy patterns for 2025.

“We want our students to feel like they’re strutting down the runway, even as they carve through fresh powder,” explained Principal Cheeseburger, unveiling a dazzling array of ski stilettos in every color of the rainbow.

As skiers and students eagerly await the next ski season of Aspen’s slopes, one thing is certain: Skiing in Stilettos promises to be a spectacle like no other, blending fashion, flair, and fearless skiing prowess in a daring display of couture on the mountainside. Not only will these students follow the school’s motto of “We Skiin” but they’ll be “skiin” in style. Whether it will revolutionize the sport or result in a series of spectacular wipeouts remains to be seen. But one thing’s for sure, the AHS ski team is about to become the hottest team on the Western Slope for fans of fashion-forward skiing seeking to make a statement on the slopes.

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