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Freshman Avila Jennings and junior Julia Diaz run their way to the finish line on Aspen’s home track.

AHS Track and Field Team Sprints Ahead This Spring Sports Season

Eleanor Carroll, Staff Writer June 6, 2024

The 2024 spring sports season at Aspen High School has come to an end with seven spring sports teams participating in a large assortment of games and events. The track and field team has one of the largest...

Unbalanced Boys to Girls Ratio Spring Sports

Unbalanced Boys to Girls Ratio Spring Sports

Araya Thompson, Staff Writer May 16, 2024

During the spring sports season at Aspen High School, the ratio of boys to girls sports that are available is unbalanced. This unbalance is also seen during the AHS fall sports season. The choice to make...

JLo to Messi: The Best (and worst) ads of Super Bowl LVIII

Owen Cruz-Abrams, Staff Writer April 4, 2024

Every year, companies shell out millions of dollars to show advertisements to the millions who watch the Super Bowl. Last year’s Super Bowl set a record of 115 million average viewers, and future viewership...

Super Bowl Swifties

Chase Slesinger-Hall, Staff Writer April 4, 2024

The Super Bowl has been one of America’s favorite televised events since 1967. NFL teams have been fighting for their spot in the final two to win for 58 years, with some teams winning up to eleven times....

College Recruiting

Araya Thompson, Staff Writer January 16, 2024

In the United States, the recruiting process is when college coaches add student-athletes to their roster before the start of collegiate sports seasons. Typically the process includes a coach extending...

Transgender athletes in sports has become a much talked about controversy after transgender Penn swimmer Lia Thomas won a NCAA Division I national championship in women’s freestyle.

Equality for Transgender Athletes

Araya Thompson, Staff Writer May 31, 2023

Issues involvingThere have always been issues with discrimination against the transsex community have long been present in society, especially in athletics. On April 6, 2023, The United States Education...

AHS Skier turf during the first round of Girls soccer playoffs.

2023-24 Spring Sports Season: The Review

Addy Christensen, News and Sports Editor May 31, 2023

Spring sports have officially come to a close. Girls’ soccer, tennis, golf, boys' lacrosse, and baseball have all ended their respective seasons this month. Teams worked incredibly hard for their achievements...

Addy Chrisensen taking a selfie with Olivia Ferrera, Kristine Hvolbaek, Zala Smalls, and Charlie Laube at the ski Cooper race.

AHS Ski Race Newcomers and their Season

Addy Christensen, Staff Writer February 16, 2023

“5, 4,” the starter counts down and a shiver runs down your spine, “3, 2,”, you breathe in and out suddenly aware of everyone who's watching you, “1.” And you're off. You use your poles to...

Sallinen Makes X-Games Debut as This Year’s Youngest Superpipe Athlete

Lexi Munro, Staff Writer January 25, 2023

Jon Sallinen, a Finnish half pipe skier and alumni of the Colorado Rocky Mounrtain School (CRMS) in Carbondale, received his first invitation to the 2023 X-Games, and will compete this Friday, January...

Gender Inequality in Sports

Araya Thompson, Staff Writer December 16, 2022

Between high school and professional sports, men and women continue to see inequalities, not just with pay but opportunities. According to Alia Wong, “We’ve seen this for a long time now … not...

Boys Basketball walking onto the court in the basketball season of 2021-2022.

Boys and Girls’ Basketball Inequality

Araya Thompson, Staff Writer November 9, 2022

The basketball opportunities at AHS vary drastically between boys' and girls' teams. In 2016, the boys club basketball team started a travel team led by coach Alex Schrempf. In 2019, the Amateur Athletic...

The Challenge Aspen Team for 2022, Aspen teachers Adam Cheney and Megan Noonan are pictured in the middle.

AHS’ Noonan and Cheney Compete in Challenge Aspen Race in Italy

Addy Christensen, Staff Writer September 23, 2022

On your mark, get set, GO! Boom, the gun goes off at the starting line. Hundreds of racers from all over the world have trained tirelessly for this exact moment: running over 20 miles in the Italian Alps,...

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