Though unlikely, lawsuits regarding the election could reach the Supreme Court.
Election litigation and its importance
Emily Kinney, Editor-in-chief • November 21, 2020

Even though countless news sources and high-level republicans recognize Former Vice President Joe Biden as the new President-Elect, President...

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Justin Turner holding World Series trophy after win.
LA Dodgers player, Justin Turner, under investigation after World Series win
Hannah Smith, New Editor • November 3, 2020

On Tuesday, October 27th, the LA Dodgers won the Major League Baseball world series for the first time in 32 years. During the postgame celebration,...

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Amy Coney Barrett, the judge replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Amy Coney Barrett: the threat to human rights
Ava Cherry, News Editor • November 22, 2020

Amy Coney Barret, the new Supreme Court justice replacing late Justice Ginsburg poses a threat to American democracy and civil liberties. Barrett’s...

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Kate Flynn, a local artist in residency at the Red Brick, poses in her studio.
Aspen's crown jewelry maker: Kate Flynn
Emily Kinney, Editor-in-Chief • November 20, 2020

Whether art or Spanish is your passion, local artist Kate Flynn wants you to pursue it. Flynn, a six-year resident at the Red Brick Arts Center,...

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