AHS students grapple with their mental health, not only during a global pandemic but in an area plagued by the Paradise Paradox. The AHS counseling department has made efforts to support students and developed plans to improve mental health at AHS.
Vulnerability: the key to our inner tranquility
How the AHS counseling department is helping students with their mental health
Katelyn O'Callaghan and Aja Schiller May 7, 2021

As Mental Health Awareness month begins, it's essential to introspectively reflect on mental health culture and where there may be a need for...

Raccoons trying on a new style of garbage
Arts & Entertainment
Raccoons trying on a new style of garbage
Hannah Popish, Design Editor • May 7, 2021

AHS boys hockey team skating towards goal during home game.
Boys hockey slap shoots their way into the new season
Kayla Tehrani, Business Manager • February 22, 2021

Despite the challenges that COVID-19 brought, the Aspen High School boys hockey team has been practicing even before their season started. The...

Depiction of Artistotle, Philosopher from C. 384 BCE- C. 322 BCE
Sexism started with Aristotle
Hannah Smith, Editor-in-Chief • May 5, 2021

Despite being known as one of the greatest philosophers and scientists in history, Aristotle's views towards women’s equality were misogynistic....