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The Bee-st Movie Ever


SATIRE – – – Let’s face it. Many high schoolers are often lonely on Friday nights and turn to movies for relief.

The movie they should be turning to is their childhood favorite and the most educational documentary in the world, The Bee Movie. An hour and 31 minutes of entertainment, and education.

The Bee Movie follows a bee named Barry B. Benson and his introduction to adult, working life. After he graduates from college, he is given a job in the hive. His job is to make honey. On one of his trips outside the hive, he is rescued by a woman named Vanessa. After spending time with her Benson learns that humans eat and use honey. So, obviously, he decides to sue humans.

This comedy has many important values that need to be instilled in today’s youth.

One is that young people need to branch out. They can’t just go all into one activity. Young people need to explore all sorts of activities. Benson models this in the Bee Movie by being a honey bee and an activist.

Seeing an activist on screen can also encourage students to make a difference in their world just like Benson; students could fight for fairness. It doesn’t have to be on the topic of honey usage, it could be fighting for equality with different groups or trying to help the environment.

The Bee Movie also shows an inter-specie relationship. Vanessa and Benson are shown to be very close emotionally, a romantic relationship is implied. This teaches students that anyone can love anyone as long as there is mutual respect. Beastiality is okay guys!

A main theme in the Bee movie is that Benson can’t do anything right in the hive. Many students can connect with this since high school relationships are hard. Students might feel like they don’t fit in. There is also the fact that everything students do is evaluated, there are many times when they don’t get the perfect grade and feel disappointed. Students end up feeling like they can not do anything right. After Benson leaves the hive he finds a human community with Vanessa, who accepts him. This shows students that they will fit in somewhere. They will find people they fit in better with and what they are good at doing. If students do not fit in yet, they are just in the wrong hive.

The Bee Movie is the best movie ever, and many young people can learn a thing or two from it, therefore watching the Bee Movie is the best Friday night activity.

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