Designer doesn’t always mean quality


Photo by K8lyn O'ham

AHS students crowd in the halls and pose in their new Supremo shirts.

SATIRE- Aspen High School alum Richy Rich recently contacted all AHS students and persuaded them all to invest in Walmark stock. The email read

Yo Aspen High School,
It’s your boy Richy Rich you might know me by Rich but i’ve also been called “the guy with all the name brands”. First of all I decided not to go to the best college. I actually have been working for Reddit for over 3 years now, and let me tell you some huge news. My fav brand Supremo is actually in a lawsuit (gosh those poor guys) anyways some kid who went to Harvard discovered that Supremo used shirts from Walmark and just irons on the “Suprmo” label. So when all of you were trying to convince your parents to get you a $200 Supremo shirt because they were “great quality and super comfy” that was your brain messin’ with you. They are literally trash quality. But hey I’m not just here to bring bad news. I wanted to say that Walmark stock will be skyrocketing this week because the shirts are now sold at Walmark for $199.99 so get yours now.
Hey it been real, talkin’ with you,
Your boy Richy Rich

Parents responses from this email has been nothing but positive comments, here are the latest Tweetes from parents:

“My child took my credit card to get the last 5 Supremo shirts, thanks Richy” #itscalledfashion “My kid has been selling the Supremo shirts at school, my little entrepreneur” #proudparents
“Just invested $600 in stock at Walmark” #loveyourichy

Sarah Strasshotdog, AHS Principal invited Richy Rich to talk at the upcoming high school assembly.

“I think it’s great for the kids to learn how to invest money. The key to life is to dress to impress so might as well wear a name brand,” Strasshotdog said.