Basket- Rona puts a spin on COVID lunches


Photo by Swag Money

Kids at lunch partake in a COVID- safe Basketball game, always making sure to keep their masks up and sanitizing before every pass, shoot, or dribble!

SATIRE– Sarah Strasshotdog seems to be having a lot of fun supervising the kids in the big gym, from keeping masks up (or even just wearing them), to regulating who gets to go to the bathroom (and making sure to look through their bags when they are in the restroom).
“I prioritize this time of my day over anything else, and it is honestly the best, most exciting use of my time,” Strasshotdog said.
To follow the theme of COVID in 2021 the school has purchased trendy new basketballs: Corona Balls! They are one of a kind, enlarged, individual COVID virus balls and they have the perfect size and bounciness for shooting hoops. They will ENSURE you contract the virus.
One problem with these new-high tech basketballs is that they have to be updated every so often to make sure we get each new strain!
“I can’t wait to make half court shots with the new basketballs!” Doe said.