BREAKING NEWS: AHS students attend class with cameras on


Photo by K8lyn O'ham

AHS teacher ecstatic as students attend class with cameras on.

SATIRE– Thursday at 9 am, AHS students joined their virtual classes with their cameras on and, to the surprise of AHS teachers, kept them on throughout the day.

AHS principal Sarah Strasshotdog attributed the situation to the semester two camera policy.

“I’m so proud that our camera policy works…two months after its enactment,” StrassHotDog said.

Kiffor Iceberg, an AHS math teacher, had not seen a student’s face since the start of the school year. When his class joined with their cameras on, he passionately sang “Hallelujah” with tears of joy streaming down his face.

“It was a miracle. I never thought I would see the day,” Iceberg said, still crying tears of joy. “You never realize how much you miss human interaction until it’s gone.”

AHS senior, Camea Ron, has not turned on her camera all school year despite the camera policy. She joined the Zoom call with her camera on accidentally.

“I was about to turn it off, but I saw my math teacher crying and singing, so I kept it on,” Ron said.

AHS science teacher, Travis Less, was astounded by the situation and tried to enjoy it while it lasted.

“It was surreal. I didn’t even know what half of my students looked like. I tried to take it all in while I could,” Less said.

AHS sophomore Lenny Cameron turned his camera on out of pity.

“I don’t know what possessed me to do it. I think I felt bad,” Cameron said.

Although having cameras on brought unbridled joy to AHS teachers, many students will not partake in the activity again.

“It was nice to see my teachers so happy, but I’m definitely going to have my camera off tomorrow,” Ron said.