3 art galleries to visit in Aspen

“Personal Universe” by Stephanie Trenchard, found at Raven Gallery.

Aspen’s 20+ art galleries feature everything from fine to modern art, making the city a vibrant community, despite its small population of 7,000.

The acclaimed galleries of Aspen offer art for your home, as well as a space to escape and connect. They are currently showcasing a dazzling array of works, with artists from around the world and a wide range of mediums. All galleries require masks and are open to the public during visiting hours or by appointment.

Open Monday-Saturday 11am-5pm, 419 E Hyman Ave. # 7

Striking landscapes of Aspen trees, bears in intriguing geometric shapes, and stunning jewelry are featured in this gallery located near New York Pizza. Their current collection includes surreal paintings by Kim Wyly, who contributes 20% of her art sales to charity and uses symbolism to transfer dreams onto the canvas. One can also find jewelry by John Iverson, Herbert Hoffman Award recipient, whose earrings have been worn by Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Open 7 days a week 11am-5pm, 433 East Cooper Ave.

Bright hues shine in the sun and delicate strands form a magnificent swirl in this 3,500 square foot space, evoking awe and curiosity with a wide variety of impressive glass techniques and other multimedia art. Located near Paradise Bakery, their newest collection features artists from around the world, including Harue Shimomoto of Japan, who aims to “transform any space into a meditative journey”, and Wesley Rasko of the Czech Republic, with a passion for creating glass art after his death-defying accident.

Open 7 days a week 10am-10pm, 205 S Mill St. #211

The Royal Street Fine Art Gallery gallery located near the Wheeler Opera House features contemporary pop to traditional art. With fashion, neon lights, and more, this mystical gallery evokes a feeling of joy and magic. Their current collection showcases unique portraits with neon lights by American artist Shyglo, as well as Ali Mignonne’s settings in bold colors and dramatic textures.