Devious Licks. More Like Criminal Charges


Madelyn McAllister

Anonymous upperclassman stages a Devious Lick.

Devious Licks, More Like Criminal Charges
The well-known “devious licks” trend has hit hundreds of schools across the nation, including AHS.

The Tik Tok trend started Sept. 1, 2021, and involves students sneaking into school after-hours to steal or destroy items from bathrooms and classrooms. Students then post it on TikTok for views and likes.

However, the impacts of this trend have left schools damaged and dysfunctional. School staff across the country have been attempting to stop this trend by speaking out to parents, students, and other members of the community about this problem

AHS vice-principal, Becky Oliver, addressed the vandalism at AHS in an email sent to parents and students on Thursday, September 16th.

“We have video surveillance and anonymous tips about students stealing and damaging school property,” Oliver said in the email.

“Prior to pursuing criminal charges, we decided to give all students involved the opportunity to come forward, return stolen items, and admit to what we believe to be a school/Tik Tok prank. All students involved in this vandalism please contact Becky, Sarah, or Cam BEFORE 3:00 pm on Friday.” Oliver stated in the Sept. 16 email.
Most items were stolen from school bathrooms. Across the country, items that have been stolen include toilets and soap dispensers. According to CNN, “In response, some schools are locking bathrooms for large portions of the day.”
The extreme popularity students gain by participating in trends encourages people to join, no matter the consequences.

“It appears nothing is too big or too small to take home and students can even score some likes if they just spot the damage and film it,” CNN stated

Although students could face criminal charges, they are continuing to participate in the trend.
“It’s from Tik Tok and just for fun, no harm in it,” Anonymous AHS student.