‘School Kills Artists’ movement comes to AHS


Jenny Ellis

A piece of art supporting the ‘School Kills Artists’ movement created by year 2 IB art student, Lily Louise Sanders.

The first years of one’s school career with finger painting, drawing, and playing games. But as individuals progress through their school career, the emphasis on creativity decreases..
Riley Rushing, an AHS Senior who has been through almost every year of K-12 at ASD, has noticed the loss of creative spaces each school year in Aspen.

“The last time I took an art class was my Sophomore year, it was ceramics. I remember I used to really like making art but I haven’t even been inside the art room at AHS for two years. I just don’t have the time anymore with my other classes,” Rushing said.

Day-long art activities that once existed in elementary school are replaced by an hour-long period in middle school and potentially no classes in high school, once again highlighting how higher-level school environments generally do not cater to artistic minds.

A brand created by a 19-year-old boy called ‘School Kills Artists’ attempts to battle the issue by spreading awareness in a movement that any students can join. The company creates merchandise ranging from shirts to phone cases available for purchase for those who wish to join the ‘movement’.
The brand’s goal is to make those who feel that school is the right fit for them feel supported and seen.

The creator of the brand states his mission goal on the website’s ‘About Us’ page: “My purpose is that people who feel my message in some way, have to know that they are not alone and that they can be part of our movement. I am ready to create a social impact through images or messages printed on our products, social media.”

Not only has this movement impacted artists around the globe, but it has reached the art rooms of AHS.
The message, in particular, has resonated with the International Baccalaureate (IB) art students of AHS, arguably the most dedicated artists in the school.

“Ever since I was little art has been the way I express my individuality, and the school system has definitely taken the motivation I had for it. I really like the ‘School Kills Artists’ movement and clothing because it represents the young kids that slowly lose their artistic depth every year they attend school,” Nadia Debska, a year 2 IB art student said.