No passion behind New Years resoultions

New Year Resolution Cartoon From Google Images

Google Images

New Year Resolution Cartoon From Google Images

Many tend to procrastinate creating new and healthy habits all year long, yet when January first comes around everyone has a sudden urge to start fresh. People enjoy the idea of wanting to better themselves. People want to start eating healthy, working out, and getting into better habits. However, regardless of the resolution, I am a strong disbeliever in new year’s resolutions.

Instead of waiting for the year to start a new habit, why not start the day after you get the idea. It seems like a waste of time to sit around with the same bad habits until the first day of January. I believe that you should start a new habit soon. One day if you wake up and want to go to the gym, you should not wait for the new year.

According to a study done by UAB medicine, less than 8% of people follow through with their New Year’s resolutions. However, millions of people continue to set them year after year. These statistics show that starting on the first has no relevance, and is only based on the benefit that a new calendar year will create a new person, which is not the case unless one works to make this happen. Surely people can successfully start then, but it is unlikely it will work out for 365 days.

Most people create new year’s resolutions because it is a popular thing to do. It would be like waking up one day and deciding you are going to run a marathon. You could most likely complete the run, or at least start it. But you probably would not complete a marathon every day.

However, I do not sense the passion behind new year’s resolutions. Whereas people who discover something they want to make an everyday habit. If a person has the drive to do something, they can fulfill their goal.

Overall, new year’s resolutions are impractical. Instead of waiting for a full 365 days to do something to better yourself, why not start tomorrow.