High School Students Do 40 Laps on 1A In One Day, Are You Up For The Challenge?


Carolina Lanefelt

Image of Aspen Mountain’s 1A lift, where AHS students completed 40 runs

High school students Sasha Forman and Asher Weinberg jump off the lift, exhausted but enthusiastic after skiing their 39th lap down Aspen Mountain. With their poles in hand, skis on, and only one lap to go, Forman and Weinberg are more than eager to complete 40 laps in only one day on 1A.

A week before Forman and Weinberg took on this challenge, J.F Bruegger skied 37 laps on 1A, which is what initially hooked and inspired them to take on their own challenge. It was a new and interesting challenge outside of school. They got up early on the 29th of January, put on their ski clothes, and hurried to 1A in time for the first lift.

“We started out about nine o’clock in the morning and skied until 3:30. We got the last chair and the first chair of the day. We didn’t stop once – we left a backpack at the bottom of the lift filled with snacks and water and grabbed it every few laps,” Weinberg said.

Their average lap time was just under 10 minutes, with an average ski time of two minutes. The hardest and most exhausting laps were between 18 and 30 – the midpoint when the lack of food started to kick in both mentally and physically, but the goal of 40 laps still seemed so far away.

“Once we got towards the end, you know, you get that final push, so we were going hard from 35 to 40. I think our fastest lap was the 38th or 39th,” Weinberg said.

It was definitely a tough challenge for Weinberg and Forman, but once it was done they were proud of themselves for having completed it. They recommend that others try this out – it’s a fun challenge to do whether you’re by yourself or with friends. If you’re eager to try something new, this challenge is definitely a must for you. Weinberg and Forman advise to layer up and pack snacks that’ll last through the day so that you’ll be able to enjoy your time skiing.

“It was hard. It was a long day. In the end, it was a good day of skiing and we had a good time out there. We’re stoked. We did it,” Weinberg said.