April Showers, May Flowers


Madelyn McAllister

A three-leaf clover, known for its luck, spotted on a dewy morning in Basalt, Colorado, moments after a rainstorm.

At last, Colorado is getting its much-needed spring moisture. However, climate change is still a prevalent issue: since last spring, the temperature in Aspen rose by 9°F.

This bright red tulip was spotted on a warm but cloudy day in Snowmass, Colorado, surrounded by a garden of other tulips and many more beautiful plants. (Madelyn McAllister)

Dandelions are also important for many pollinators. This close-up photo shows a flower’s stem, awaiting a honeybee to come and obtain its sweet nectar. (Madelyn McAllister)

These long thick plants grouped together were spotted on a rainy afternoon in John Denver Park located in Aspen, Colorado. (Madelyn McAllister)


On a bright spring day in Aspen, Colorado, we get a sight of this blooming dandelion flourishing in the bright sunlight. (Madelyn McAllister)


This plant, which is known as a “Lambs Ear” and grows mainly in the Middle East, flourishes in drought-like conditions and can grow anywhere. However, if you are interested in planting this magnificent plant, be sure it’s not in a humidity-prone location, which can cause rotting.
This common flower, mainly found in the Middle East, flourishes on a bright spring morning in a backyard in Basalt, Colorado. (Madelyn McAllister)