Thanksgiving Traditions and Importance

The fourth Thursday of November is something many Americans look forward to. For some it might be their favorite holiday, while others might enjoy a day off from work or school. I think it is worth mentioning that we acknowledge the unsettling origin of this holiday but let’s focus on what it has evolved into. Thanksgiving is centered around reflecting upon the miraculous aspects of one’s life in order to grow both gratitude and appreciation.

For some, Thanksgiving might be warming up a T.V. dinner and sitting on the couch with your family. For others, they will be cooking in the kitchen from 9am to 5pm. Everyone adopts individual traditions that are valued during this festive time. Thanksgiving embodies a sense of belonging between families, friends, and strangers. The AHS community is excited to celebrate and embrace this holiday.

According to summerplaceal, 96% of Americans spend the Thanksgivng holiday with their families. AHS English teacher Cory Parker talks about the importance of family during this holiday.

“It’s about being appreciative of what we have and the presence of being with your family,” Parker said.

Maggie Durham, a junior at AHS, also loves this holiday. She believes it helps her reconnect with her loved ones.

“Every year my family and I watch a movie before Thanksgiving and it reminds me of the importance of connecting with your loved ones,” Durham said.

Aside from spending time with your loved ones, food as we all know is a major aspect of Thanksgivng. Everyone’s Thanksgiving table looks different. The larger the food pallet you have, the greater the variety of food is placed on the table. For some, all they can consume is the bland food, because they are picky.

Grace Hollander is a junior at AHS, and is a picky eater.

“I’m a big fan of the bread rolls,” Grace Hollander stated.

But hey, with the perfected amount of melted, salty butter, I am here for those puffy rolls too.

The wackiest combinations are normalized on this holiday. Your peers might have the weirdest items on their table, yet we would never know. David Clark gives us a sneak peak into this table.

“We make my grandmother’s salad that includes nothing green and is entirely jello based,” Clark said.

Thanksgiving is not the meal to bulk up and get “big”. Sweet and unhealthy is a constant combo.

“ My all-time favorite thanksgiving food has to be sweet potato marshmallow souffle,” Haylen Gonzalez-Pita said.

Regardless of the wacky food combinations, the endless amount of family traditions, or Clark’s sugar jello ‘salad’ Thanksgiving is a time to acknowledge the overlooked goodness of everyday life. It’s about the laughter, family, comfort, and memories that come with it all. Let’s all make sure to give some thanks this Nov. 24.