How to Stay Happy During Cuffing Season


Cassidy Young

Haley Schmela and Lauren Kinney so excited to spend another holiday season with no significant other

As we all know, the holidays tend to make people feel alone and upset that they do not have a significant other. However, we would love to congratulate you on surviving the holidays! There seems to be a lot of stigma around doing this alone over the months of December through New Years. As an expert at being alone, especially during the holidays. After 16 years without a significant other, here are some amazing tips and tricks to cure your seasonal depression for the next year!
First tip is, don’t let anyone or anything get in your head. Lock in and make it the best holiday season. Take ownership. Everything you can do with two people, you can do by yourself but BETTER. Regardless of the stereotypes, stand under that mistletoe by yourself and do something cool. Sledding alone? No problem, It is comfortable, brings less equipment, and still have a good time. After your phenomenal sled races, stop by Paradise for a hot chocolate to warm the empty space in your heart. When you see the couple in their matching sets and hats all joyful, keep in mind you are not the one paying for two people.
The second trick is to treat yourself. As you sit lonely on the couch, and watching the jewelry ads featuring the engagement ads, disregard all of it. So what? Odds are it is some set up, and they will also end up alone. All the gift guides on your Instagram feed, telling you what to get your boyfriend or girlfriend, dislike that useless post. Instead, spend that money on something that is actually useful. It is way more economically sound to buy a long-lasting item than take the risk of you losing your significant other. No one knows you better than you know yourself; we usually buy friendship bracelets in hopes to make friends and new beginnings.
Third tip. With the Hallmark channel taking over every station, holiday rom coms are very popular during Christmas. They fill most with hope and unreachable standards you will never meet. Lauren and I have watched a real life haulmark movie multiple times that have epically failed. It was as if it was behind the scenes of the movie. Now we chose to watch better, more movies, being the Grinch, Rudolph, and of course Christmas Vacation.
Overall, Lauren and I are living proof that you can survive the holiday season alone. We know you did not have these genius tricks prior to holidays.We wish you the best of luck with the 2023 holidays. #datingisforthenoobs