How to Stay Stress Free During Finals


Lauren Kinney

Haley Schmela using the tip and tricks to stay stress free

The week of January 17, 2023; the week everyone dreads. The true colors of the teachers come out. If you were planning on touring AHS this week, you should think twice, or maybe even three times.

Although AHS is not the only school with finals,Starting off strong with the new grading system, you will find students frantic trying our staff this year finds enjoyment in kids stress a little extra this year. ting to boost their current gradeswith no opportunity for extra credit so it will not spiral after the final. Since the grading system has been so difficult on the kids, finals are predicted to spread mass amount of headaches. Down below are tips to stay away from the headaches, and instead stay superior to your classmates.


Please attempt to go to bed prior to dawn. Do not, and I repeat, do not see the sunrise. If you are studying and the sun starts to pear through, close your eyes. Being well-rested will help you perform better and keep your anger management to a minimum.


Throughout the week, parents will advise their children to eat well-rounded meals. While that is beneficial, caffeine is the key to success. In every mean throw in a 6 pack of Redbull, this will get you going and ready to take on any problems you might face. If you are like some and don’t enjoy Redbull, try Celsius, the flavors are excellent.

Study Habits:

If you’re having a hard time comprehending the material that will be on your final, don’t be afraid to approach your teacher. If they say they cannot help you, then don’t give up. You can show them who’s boss by challenging them to fight at night, or sending hate mail!


Most will choose the comfy look usually consisting of sweatpants, hoodies, or the occasional comfy blanket. While that is a great way to spend your day, we have much better outfits to help reach the genius power. One Favorite thing to wear during finals week is the spiderman suit. However, if you don’t have the funds for a super suit, you can always try a cape.. It gives her the mindset that she can accomplish any challenges in her way.

If this guide was helpful to you, please keep looking for us in hallways during finals week if you are out of tips.