What the music you listen to says about you

We all know and love music, but what does your music taste really say about you?


First up we got good ol’ country. Country music often tells a story, usually about love, or your dog, or your truck, or loving your dog and your truck. This makes it a popular choice for hopeless romantics and recent single people. Country listeners regularly go to the rodeo every Thursday and enjoy the roping events with their trusty sidekick Brian Vargas. Country fans are outgoing, hardworking, and always down for a good time. People can always count on them for advice – even if they are just quoting a song.

Top Hits

Next, we have today’s top hits A.K.A. the radio. You’re driving in the car and are too lazy to connect to Bluetooth. Others don’t like your music, or you are just afraid other people will judge you. These songs are all types of different genres. You are generally a chill person and no one has anything against you because you’re just too classic. You like what the rest of the world thinks is popular.

Old Music

If you like old-time music (before the 2000’s) you are an old soul. You are independent and don’t feel the need to keep up with fashion trends. But you still tend to have the best style out of your friend group. If you regularly listen to Motley Crue, then chances are you have your volume at 100% and act as though you can hear people when they talk to you but in reality, you have no idea what they are saying.


If you like rap, you don’t pay attention in English class but you secretly know more about literary devices than what meets the eye. Teachers are never able to see your true potential because you always mess around in class or have your headphones on. You are always asked to take out your Airpod that you specifically put in the ear your teacher couldn’t see. If you regularly listen to rap, specifically Lil Baby, Drake, or 21 Savage, you are a basic listener.


If you listen to EDM, you wish you were 21 and able to club, but you can’t. You have probably sustained multiple concussions due to aggressive headbanging. You either wear a lot of tie-dye clothing or fishnet tights that cover the entire length of your body. If you’re a true EDM fanatic, your dream is to go to a Subtronics concert.