Aspen Girls Win Hockey Championship


Courtesy of Diane Godfrey

The Aspe Leafs Girls U-19 team poses with their banner after winning the state championship game.

The weekend of February 21-23, the Aspen Junior Hockey girls’ U-19 team swept the championship title at the Mountain States Girls Hockey League playoffs with a 2-1 victory against Santa Fe.

The U19 girls went undefeated over the weekend with wins over Steamboat Springs (4-0), Summit (5-2), and Gunnison (1-0). This last win by the U-19 team gave Aspen Junior Hockey the clean sweep in the tournament.

The team includes seniors Maddy Grant, Shannon Waititi, Jennifer Coombe,

Sophomore Brooke Pisani and junior Jessica Tyler have both been playing hockey since before 2nd grade and this year's team is one of the most successful they've ever been a part of.
Sophomore Brooke Pisani and junior Jessica Tyler have both been playing hockey since before 2nd grade and this year’s team is one of the most successful they’ve ever been a part of.

Blake Harvey, and Abby Costello, juniors Emma Harvey, Jessica Tyler, Maria King, and Caroline Godfrey, and sophomores Brooke Pisani, Ali McNichol, Mackenzie Langley, Katie Peshek, Kelsey Fitzgerald, and Anita DiMento. All the girls are ecstatic about their win.

“This win makes me and all of the other girls feel so accomplished because the teams we played were very good so it was awesome that we beat them,” Harvey said.

By looking at the teams’ outcome, it is obvious the team’s hard work and strong effort paid off.

“It is very rewarding to see how much our program has evolved. Especially considering that every Aspen girls team won their league tournament this year,” Pisani said. “We had hard practices three times a week and dry land at least once a week.”

The U19 team had three coaches, Mowita Rondeau, Doug Coombe, Chris Tyler, and special help from Elizabeth Severy. All their hard work and time put into making this season the best it could be was very appreciated by the players.

“Our coaches have made this year so much fun and such a bonding experience for us. They also made us play like a completely better team and I, along with the rest of the girls, am so grateful for them,” Harvey said.

As the girls tossed their gloves into the air at the final buzzer, it was clear to the coaches, players, and families that this win was the cherry on top of a fantastic season.

“I was so proud to watch my daughter and her team succeed in what they’ve been working for all season. We even brought Brooke flowers to congratulate her,” mother Jill Pisani said.