The Anticipation of Summer


Olivia Cook

Students from Aspen High School watching the sunset during Summer of 2022

We can all agree that summer couldn’t come faster. Some may say that April showers bring May flowers. I’m afraid I have to disagree with that statement because it has snowed three times so far in May. The teachers and students have become as unpredictable as the weather. As we approach the end of the year, a whirlwind of emotions fills the air, whether it’s finishing IB exams, preparing for finals, managing the workload, or just wanting to get out of school and into the sunshine.

According to Urban Dictionary, an actual name for this dilemma is “Summer Anticipation Disorder.” To put it in simple terms, it’s when summer break is so close but feels so far and you want to give up on all your school work but you can’t because, for some reason, all of the assignments that we’ve been given are the most important ones yet.

Although the assignments seem tough and we all want Summer to arrive faster, there are some ways we, as students, can cope with this anticipation. The first option seems to be the most popular among our student body: to stop attending class. This is the most popular because students are simply tired of showing up even after all our days off. The idea is that Summer will come faster if we don’t have to sit through 7 hours of school per day unless you’re lucky enough to possess a free period.

The next option is to get through the rest of the year by using the handy tool called Chat GPT. The staff is on edge about AI, but students argue it is the best invention ever. If you are bold enough, some students have been using the website to write their entire essays, paper, or email for them. Others have been more careful, using it to come up with topics and find quotes for their papers. (P.S. Using Chat GPT to do your assignments for you is considered cheating and should not be used)

Next is the option to push through and try your best because, in the end, it will benefit you for finals week. I congratulate the people who still have the brainpower to finish all their assignments on time. Pushing through will be the most rewarding at 2:00 o’clock on Wednesday, June 7th after the last final of the school year.

The last option is the least popular but self explanatory: to become a super senior.

As the school year comes to an end, make good choices, make the most out of summer, try to get in all the sleep you can, and take in all the time you can with friends and family.