Sibling Show Down


Photo by Lindsay Waldeck

Siblings, Lindsay Waldeck and Nick Waldeck hanging out.

The unspoken roles and responsibilities of children in a family need to be celebrated. The facts of personality can be found depending on where they lie on the family tree, and most people have not discovered the pattern that Lindsay and I’ve seen. We’ve uncovered the positive and negative qualities of children that are not always addressed. We feel as though it’s time to share our thoughts with the world.

Youngest Children: Someone who exhibits attention-seeking behavior. Due to the age gap the youngest is always on a mission to gain their sibling’s approval, creating the quality of attention seeking. These kids are easy to exploit, they’re late bloomers, crazy, and most certainly manipulative, they also have a habit of “borrowing” things that are not theirs, especially clothing. Besides these attributes, they are somehow the most loved, which is ironic considering their other personality traits. These kids seem to end up on top, being the most successful out of the family. Examples: Kylie Jenner, Mark Walhberg, and Micheal B Jordan.

Middle Children: Who? Exactly…The middle children are persistently getting overlooked by parents, family, friends, and neighbors. If you were asked to identify a middle child in a room, it would be like looking for Waldo in a book of red and white sweaters. They are constantly thuggin, meaning they don’t care about what they do because they know it won’t matter. These kids don’t need to be sneaky, consequences will never catch up. They also have a habit of being secretly gifted. Secretly, meaning no one cares enough to pay attention. You may never know what these kids are really saying because of the drastic amount of sarcasm they use in their vocabulary. Thus the diagnosis of middle-child syndrome, this syndrome is contagious not just to middle children, it is a global illness that is diagnosed to anyone who has been ignored because of those around them who stand out.

Oldest Children: We get it, you go to college. The oldest sibling is the most stubborn of the bunch, if they don’t get to choose what is for dinner, or what time presents are opened on Christmas they simply will refuse to fit time into their schedule. Overprotective is their middle name. Party? No, Date? No, Anything fun? Absolutely not according to the oldest sibling. Annoying, overprotective, funny, selfish, independent, stubborn, are the words they choose to live by.Watch out because if they mess up they will be sure you take the blame for their mistakes.

Only child: Only children are the smartest people on the planet. This is due to the fact that they have no other siblings to hang out with and instead spend their time studying. We honestly don’t know how only children turn out okay without any siblings to put them in their place or make fun of them for wearing something stupid, then again do they turn out okay? Siblings build character and this is why only children are spoiled brats. They are bland, pretentious, and try to hide the fact that they wish they had siblings. We have noticed an odd trend that only children have a weirdly close relationship with their parents. We find this a little concerning because they have no social skills and are attached at the hip to their parents. This often leads to them running to their notebooks crying, as these kids are more independent and can’t take a joke.