Student Learns Last Week’s News Today!

In the middle of one of Chris Bonadies’ lectures, Frank Smith was abruptly called to attention by the morning announcements that finally came on the PA system around 8:30. He learned that there had been an Earth Group meeting last Tuesday, following which the announcement suddenly cutout.

By the time that the front office finally allows the announcements to air, they actually serve to be quite informative. Not only do they contain new and unheard information, but they also allow students to hear what was happening the previous week at Aspen High.When the announcements begin to wrap up, one almost feels smarter. All of the information that has just been conveyed to them, is usually either a.) not relevant in the slightest, or b.) no longer important because the event has come and long since gone, but regardless, the information is consistently new.  

“I had absolutely no idea that there had been an Earth Group meeting on Tuesday, but I was thrilled to find out! Even though the announcements didn’t really tell me when the meeting was, it was very exciting for me to hear about it halfway through my first period class!” Smith said ecstatically.

Even if you a fortunate enough to arrive to school somewhat late, you probably didn’t miss the announcements because it is seldom that the announcements are on time.

“Good morning AHS here are your morning announcements! The Earth Group is having a meeting last Tuesday and all members must attend. School photos will be last Monday, so bring in your money if you want to purchase.”

Usually after the announcements air, I usually have an epiphany of sorts and I come to the realization that perhaps that is why everyone was rushing towards the seminar room for a mandatory club  meeting, or that’s why the picture guy had come to the school and I  probably should’ve stopped by to talk to him.

Sometimes, AHS gets the announcements right, and boy when they do, they really drill the information home.

“Junior class, please bring in your food item for the picnic. John Doe, come get your money from the office,” was one of the more memorable series of announcements that were repeated for about a week and a half when it seemed there was nothing else to announce.

Junior class, please I am begging you to bring in your food item, and John Doe, don’t worry, there isn’t such a thing as personal contact.

Even when the announcement no longer have to be announced, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will be, for several, several more days. Like an endless tape, announcements at Aspen High are redundant, repetitive, and grow quickly out of date.

On the really lucky days, there are between five to seven announcements, per each, all generally saying about the same thing. So don’t worry, if you missed it the first, second, or third time, you can always hear it several more times today!

But as always, “Make it a great day, or not. The choice is yours!”