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Transforming School: Chat GPT’s Impact on Learning and Teaching

Yale Gieszl
Chat GPT provides a detailed response when asked if AI will change schools forever.

After its release by OpenAI in December of 2022, Chat GPT has actively changed the way we live and learn in school.

Chat GPT is an AI language model that can generate anything from a detailed essay to a video game code in a matter of seconds. Since it was released, the tool has altered how people and organizations create writing. Now, it is used widely by people who have access to the internet. However, with this new technology, certain institutions, such as schools, are rethinking how to teach and assess writing.

Students are currently experimenting with Chat GPT and learning the right and wrong ways it can be used to help with assignments. Gavin Smith, a freshman at Aspen High School, compares its different uses.

“Some applications, I think, are very good. Autonomous learning is amazing. When I can use it to help me understand something versus answer a question for me, that’s right. But using it to cheat on something or just to write something for me–there’s no benefit in that,” Smith said.

However, some teachers believe that students have room to improve their use of advanced AI systems. Kayla Kawalick is a social studies teacher and member of the leadership team, which helps make curriculum-based decisions at AHS.

“To be honest, when I first saw it, I don’t think students had figured out how to use it appropriately,” Kawalick said.

With this in mind, students can expect to see changes in how classes and assessments are structured.

“You might see more handwriting in class. I think that is a product of trying to prevent the temptation for AI when you don’t actually need a device,” said Kawalick.

Regardless, this technology is here to stay, and we must learn how to integrate it into school. Cory Parker is an English teacher at Aspen High School.

“I think that our English department is taking the stance of more of working with the tool and learning how to use the tool appropriately versus eliminating it completely,” Parker said.

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