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Aspen School District Updates School Safety

Hiring Garrett Seddon for the New Position of Head of School Safety and Security
Marley Rich
Sticker from Garrett Seddon telling people to “Stop The Prop”. These stickers will be found on doors that have been propped open to encourage students to stop leaving doors open.

While students and teachers were out of school for their 2023 summer break, Garrett Seddon was working hard to improve the Aspen School District campus in his new role as Head of School Safety and Security.

Following ASD’s swatting event last February and the continued national problem of school violence, the need for stronger security measures continues to grow. Managing safety measures requires a lot of organization – this is a primary reason behind ASD’s creation of the Head of School Safety and Security position. Seddon was hired this summer after helping the district with safety last spring.

Superintendent David Baugh has been with ASD for over three years. He came to the school after working as the superintendent for the Centennial School District in Pennsylvania.

“He [Seddon] was a natural for it,” Baugh said. “[He] brought so much to the table, including his many relationships with other agencies in Aspen and the Valley.”

One of Seddon’s first initiatives is to get students to “Stop the Prop” which means stop propping doors open to allow anyone to enter the building. In addition, the district has used some of its $6 million bond funds to update fire alarms, purchase radios, install new doors with more advanced locking technology, implement the Raptor app which allows teachers to take attendance during emergencies, and improve safety response protocols.

Seddon’s past work experiences include working as an aircraft rescue firefighter and the trainer safety and security coordinator at Aspen Airport. He also worked for the Colorado Department of Public Safety.

“I have a passion for safety and security, and found this opportunity here and was excited to help the district further their mission of promoting safety and security of the students, staff, and faculty,” Seddon said.

In addition to Seddon, student resource officers, seventy-two law enforcement personnel, architects, and all school officials are involved in school safety as well.

These positions are of the utmost importance as the number of school violence events continues to rise and students fear being in a school building. – this includes Aspen High School sophomore Oliver Kelly.

“During drills, I often think should I call my mom to tell her I love her,” Kelly said.

Even though safety is a top priority, making sure that students and staff still feel free and comfortable at school is also important.

“We are trying to find a balance between making sure schools are safe and not feeling like a prison or military installation,” Baugh said.

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