Chloe Breen,Pageant Queen

Chloe Breen with Current Cindy Yan.

Photo courtesy of Deborah Stone Breen

Chloe Breen with Current Cindy Yan.

Aspen High School student Chloe Breen finished sixth among 64 contestants at the Miss Colorado Teen USA Pageant. The winner was Taylor Kelly from Castle Rock; she was crowned on October 26 in Greeley.

Freshman Breen won a $30,000 scholarship and a trophy for her efforts.  She represented Aspen in the 2015 pageant. “I was four years younger than anyone in the top fifteen and many people were surprised,” said Breen.

The Miss Teen USA pageant started in 1952 in Long Beach, California. The annual tradition of young woman expressing their beauty to the world still stands today.

In Colorado, contestants are judged on swimsuits, evening gown and interviews. The contestants must be in the ages of 14-18.

Breen, 14, walked out on the runway in a blue dress.  Following that portion of the competition, she wore a blue bathing suit.

“There are two different interviews, an evening gown section and a bathing suit section where I basically get on stage and say my name and where I’m from,” She Said

Before the pageant, Breen said, “For me, I think that the evening gown section is a chance to take it all in and have a princess moment or a famous moment where I’m up on stage.  I really can’t be nervous because I’m going love it.” That stagey carried her through the completion.

The pageant experience has offered more than what one would expect. Breen’s mother, Deborah Stone Breen, emphasized that she isn’t your typical stage mom.

“What I think is important is that these pageants offer great opportunities for these young woman. Especially women who want to figure out how to further their dreams of being on stage or being famous. I think that is where I can be supportive of Chloe and allow her to explore this avenue,” she said.

“It could also offer her great scholarship or public speaking opportunities. There are many opportunities if you are willing to work hard,” she added.

Sixty-Four contestants competed to be the next Miss Teen Colorado. Cindy Yan Miss Teen Colorado of 2014,crowned Taylor Kelly at the pageant.

Other beauty pageant contestants have used their fame to do good things. Former Miss America, Marilyn Van Derbur, is a motivational speaker who focuses on child neglect and abuse. Van Derbur, who was crowned Miss America in 1958, spoke on October 16 at the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen.