A New Year’s to Remember

As the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, Americans embrace their loved ones and give them a kiss, Spaniards pop 12 grapes into their mouths supposedly bringing luck, Danes smash plates resembling the friendships they will make, and the Japanese decorate their homes.  Worldwide, everyone has something to celebrate on this night, and we all do in our own ways.  In Aspen, we have plenty of our own fun activities we can participate in like fireworks!


Sledding:  What better way is there to celebrate the new year than hitting the slopes one final time in 2015 to sled?  Sliding, riding, and screaming your head off is the perfect activity in the chilly night air.  All that is needed is a sled, some very warm clothes, some good shoes for hiking up ice, perhaps a helmet, and the attitude of “this is going to be the best year ever!”  It is truly as simple as that.  The best hills to make your midnight slide on are Tiehack, Highlands Base, Woah Nelly Hill at the ARC, and the Snowmass Club Golf Course.  


Hot Tubbing: New Year’s is usually a very cold night that you spend wandering through town looking for something to do.  Often it snows and other years it gives the shivers to all in the cold because of the still, frozen air.  This is why our town provides us with many hot tubs to pool hop and stay warm.  One of the most fun activities and a great way to view the fireworks in town it to, take a dip into some hot tubs.  You can even make it adventurous by visiting more than one in the evening.  


Game Night: Whether it be with family, friends, or even solitaire all by yourself, game night never ceases to excite!  Grab a group of people together and tell everyone to bring over their favorite game.  Spend the evening snacking away and doing your best to win something, I will admit that I rarely do.  Some of my favorites are Crazy 8’s, Settlers of Catan, Clue, Pictionary, and Cards Against Humanity.  


Lookout: The best way to watch the fireworks is to go on a little drive with some friends and find the best lookout spot you can.  In this town, there are dozens upon dozens in our beautiful mountain town.  Take a cruise on up to the best one you can find and enjoy where you live for a little while.  This is also another great way to take some stellar photos of the town and maybe the night sky.  A personal hotspot for me is anywhere on the luxurious Red Mountain.  Drive on up, blast some music, and enjoy.
Fireworks!: Of course, this list cannot not include the original and most common firework place in town.  There are two shows of fireworks during this New Year’s Eve.  One at 8 p.m. and the other at midnight!  Wagner Park is a great place to stand and enjoy the show with a live D.J. and lots of other community members.  An alternative option is the base of Aspen Mountain, the most up close and personal view of the show anywhere in town.