Junior Year: A Complete Joke and Waste of Time


The typical AHS junior’s life is one to envy.  They spend hours doing absolutely nothing but sleeping, skiing, playing video games or whatever else they please.  Many of them arrive at school three hours late every day without missing anything.  This is because their teachers often do not even show up to class; even they know how little junior year matters in the grand scheme of things.  Colleges could not care less about how each applicant does their junior year, so why bother trying?!

Here is the thing about junior year: it’s supposed to be the most relaxing and fun year of high school, with senior year coming in a close second.  By junior year, students have already survived the grueling and difficult times of their freshman and sophomore year.  Now, it is time to celebrate.

Homework? Psh, no!  The most homework that any junior has received was a whole ten minutes!  AHS junior and IB Diploma candidate Juliette Woodrow believes that junior year is a huge waste time and students really should not be attending school at all.  

“I would say compared to my other years in high school, junior year has been a joke,” Woodrow said.  “My schedule is a breeze: four IB classes each day with no work to worry about.  Compared to Basic Cooking, PE, and History of Rock and Roll classes the aeronautics, IB Physics, IB Math, and IB English classes are basically the easiest classes ever.”

With no homework to ever worry about, juniors spend weekends having the time of their lives all Friday and Saturday.  By Sunday, while the freshmen and sophomores are slaving away at hours of work, the juniors are sleeping, binge watching Netflix, and eating on the couch to their hearts’ content.  Sundays are simply time to recharge because Sunday evenings are the most exciting of them all.  Since Sunday nights are a time to go out, most juniors never show up to school on Monday.  This is called the weekly junior skip day, where most students go skiing.  AHS junior Ethan Burkley enjoys weekends the most.  

“The hardest part about junior year is deciding what to do with my free time,” Burkley said.  “I usually just sleep.”

The easiest part by far is the tiny and not at all stressful test all juniors have to take for college . . . the ACT.  This test is the most simple one that can be found.  Students go in never have even looked at a practice test, take it once in half the allotted time, and usually get around 34-36’s (the three highest possible scores).  The ACT means simply nothing to the students besides the fact that it will get them all into whatever school they want.  Most every AHS student gets into Stanford because of this.  IB Diploma candidate, Kennidy Quist, laughs at the ACT and thinks it is a hilarious joke of a test.

“I would say that the ACT is definitely one of the easiest tests I have ever taken,” Quist said.  “It is has added very little stress to my life and year and does not take up any of my free time.  Who even needs test prep anyways?”

For all those freshmen and sophomores out there, your chance for the easiest year of your life is coming very soon.  Be prepared to constantly kick back and relax.  Junior year may be a complete joke, but it is one hell of a great year.