Filling the Void of “Game of Thrones”


As an avid Game of Thrones fan, I am impatiently waiting to see what the newly crowned King of the North will conquer and if the Mother of Dragons will succeed in winning the throne from Cersei Lannister, but sadly none of this information will be released until June of 2017.  The void of life without Game of Thrones for a true fan can seem almost impossible at times.  Many of us have read every one of the books at this point and watched all the fan compiliations on YouTube.  What else is there we can do?  There are in fact other shows to fill the time while waiting for Game of Thrones season 7 return.  Many of these shows have the factors of Game of Thrones that make it such an appealing and addictive show.  Use them to help get through the next painful eight months, until June.  

The Night Of

The Night Of may not be about the blood thirsty throne appeals of a mysterious, fantastical land, but it does contain all of the excitement and cliff hangers.  This eight part miniseries follows the life of a young Pakistani man in New York City, who is charged with the murder of a young woman he meets with one evening.  The show dives into his criminal trial, family life, the dangers of life inside the infamous Rikers Prison,  and the life of his strange lawyer, Jon Stone.  Each episode leaves the audience incredibly anxious.  Its cinematography and music have been noted by numerous sources as excellent.  

The Borgias

The Borgias may be my favorite show of all time aside from Game of Thrones.  It tells the life of the infamous Borgia family, whose leader, Rodrigo Borgia, was the pope of the Vatican in the 15th century.  They have been dubbed “the original crime family.” The Borgias are known for using their power through cruel political murders, affairs, money laundering, and trickery in order to always come out on top in Rome.  The characters are all so easy to hate and love at the same time, building complexity.  The show is also incredibly historically accurate, something difficult to find in many historical shows.  Each episode outlines a political and family difficulty the evil Borgia family faced.


Rome has all of the same battle charisma, intense characters, pure hatred energy, and blood as Game of Thrones.  It outlines the life of Julius Caesar and the many Roman emperors in time time following in the earliest of centuries.  The characters are ruthless and the settings are picture perfect.  It is another show that has been credited with its excellent historical accuracy.  The viewers are constantly on the edge of their seat to see what will come next and are always left shocked or dying to know more at the end of each episode.