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7 Secrets to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick


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Research shows that about half of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but only about eight percent actually achieve them. How can you be a part of this small population, and how can we actually follow through on our goals to be nicer to siblings or lose weight?  It can be demoralizing when your list is as long as your grocery shopping list.  In addition to the post holiday slump and finals stress, your goals may cause more anxiety than they should. Here are some secrets to make your resolutions stick.

1.Clearly define your goals– Be specific. What does ‘get in shape’ really mean to you? Does being nicer to your little brother mean refraining from punching him every day or letting him have all your belongings?

2. Be patient- Making lasting changes takes time, don’t expect things to immediately work after a few days or even weeks. Progress is never linear, and initially, it may slow, but in the end you will achieve rapid breakthroughs.

3. Make it a priority– Put them into your schedule. Don’t make the excuse that you ‘couldn’t find time’ because of your Netflix obsession or homework load.

4. Publicize them- As embarrassing as it may sound, social support is critical. Don’t go taping them to your school bathroom walls, but make sure your family members and friends are aware of them.

5. Start small- Make realistic, attainable resolutions that won’t be too hard to keep. Don’t punish yourself by never eating sugar again, or going to the gym for seven hours daily. Instead, try skipping dessert, or go to the gym a few days of the week.

6. One thing at a time- Replacing unhealthy behaviors with healthy behaviors takes time. Focusing on one point lessens the overwhelming feeling that students already have 24/7. Don’t try to go on a juice cleanse while working out for seven hours daily while trying all those new recipes you said you would cook.

7. Don’t be a quitter-  Resiliency is the key. None of us are perfect, so don’t turn temporary failures into excuses to give up. Expect to experience downfalls.


So, this New Years, keep these 7 secrets in mind to make your 2017 successful. Incorporate these healthy behaviors into your everyday life. Recognize that lifestyle change is important and work towards it one step at a time.  

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7 Secrets to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick