“The Get Down Part 2” Review


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Netflix has become the center of pretty much all of society. For a few bucks a month, the world of television and cinema is at your fingertips. Over the past few years, however, the company has expanded and become notorious for creating their own original series and movies.

   In August of 2016, Netflix released a new series: The Get Down. Grandmaster Flash, Shaolin Fantastic, and Ezekiel drew audiences into the semi fictional history of how hip hop was created. Despite the show’s groovy soundtrack, intensity of scenes, and believable actors, The Get Down is highly underrated. I seldom find someone who watches the show, let alone binge watches it like I do.

    After I flew through the first season, I waited in anticipation for the next one to come. On April 7, part 2 of The Get Down was released and my world was complete once again.

    Netflix gracefully transitioned into the second season in a seamless fashion. It’s common for shows to have a clear break between one season and another, but Netflix was able to close that gap. In fact, if anything was a clear change from the first season to the second, it was change of improvement. The costumes of “The Get Down Brothers” are snazzy and cool though a little too shiny for my liking. The portrayal of the story has taken a slightly different route as well. Animations have been added to tell scenes through a different way. These animations are taking the form of a comic book and brought together the reality and imagination together.

Not only has the overall show improved, but the plot has thickened even more to grasp you into the drama. Ezekiel applying to Yale has added another layer, bringing in the controversy of racism in the 70’s even more than before. Mylene’s family troubles and step to stardom have made her church life problems seem easy.

While the short series may be over, The Get Down will be stuck with me for a long time. I am determined to make others feel the same.

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