Rotary Exchange Students at AHS


Annabelle Ward’s Rotary group in Argentina.

Each year, AHS students are given the opportunity to tour and study in a completely different country on an excursion program called Aspen Rotary Club. AHS has made this possibility increasingly more accessible for its students. It is highly recommended by each student who does it.

The Aspen Rotary Club is an exchange program that allows AHS students to switch with someone from a foreign city. Rotary long-term exchanges usually last a school year.

Nikoline Byrial, an exchange student from Denmark and a new writer for The Skier Scribbler, seems to be really enjoying Aspen High’s curriculum.

“People here are friendly,” Byrial said. “Interesting, challenging, and new,” were the words she used to describe the program.

She is a part of the Aspen Rotary Club and rated it “a definite 10,” and very efficient travel-wise. She is excited to continue the school year and is thriving at AHS.

Another student from AHS has also taken part in the Rotary program, Annabelle Ward, and went to Argentina during last school year.

“It was good to be in a totally different place, it’s kind of refreshing,” Ward said.

Ward liked how big the cities in Argentina were in comparison to the small town of Aspen.

“That’s where I learned most of my Spanish,” Ward said.

It’s also definitely more efficient than struggling to understand it in an English-speaking community.

“My initial thought was best year ever,” Ward said.

It is critical for undergrads from anywhere to understand and know other customs and languages. This way they can be familiar with foreign culture. The students that have been apart of the Rotary Program have enjoyed their experiences. They thrive both academically and socially.

While the prospect of being an exchange student can be intimidating, students are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in new environments and cultures. In the end, it is a worthwhile experience.

“I would recommend it for anybody because I learned so much. Just getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to learn anything!”