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Sofia Peterson is a senior at AHS and is part of the IB art program, as well as IB film, and IB psychology. She has also taken almost every art class that the school has to offer. Sofia has loved to draw since as long as she can remember. Last summer she completed a three month pre-collegiate art intensive program at the Rhode Island School of Art where she hopes to attend next fall. The program assured her that she truly wanted a career in visual arts. She specializes in 2D and realistic drawings. Sofia primarily works in graphic and makes portraits, but she also enjoys sculpture. Many of her pieces this year have been charcoal illustrations. She wants to pursue a career in graphic design for sports fashion companies like Roxy and Quicksilver. Sofia’s inspiration for her naturalistic style of work mainly comes from her upbringing in Hawaii. She also gets a lot of inspiration from famous artist’s pieces. Sofia loves the freedom of the project prompts in the IB art program. She feels the ability she has to  creatively express her own passion in her work, because the assignments are not too specific.

This piece is an oil painting inspired by a photograph taken by one her favorite artists, Sarah Bahbah. Sofia added her own personal touches to the image.

This piece is a self portrait that Sofia painted at her summer art program. Her task was to create a self portrait that incorporates significant parts of her life within the painting, rather than a typical illustration of herself.

Visit to see more of Sofia Peterson’s work.

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