What’s the Deal With the Denver Airport?

The Denver Airport from the distance.

Photo courtesy of Worldwater & Solar Technologies

The Denver Airport from the distance.

When driving on the highway leading to Denver International Airport, there is a huge 32-foot and 9,000-pound blue horse with glowing red eyes. The Denver Airport has always been the topic of several conspiracy theories that may seem outrageous. However, they could be true based on the facts, information and the overall scheme of the airport.

Before the airport was built, a large series of tunnels were constructed underneath it. Over a million square feet of space and two 7,000 foot tunnels were going to be used for transporting luggage.

Heath Montgomery, a member of the public information staff, knows a lot about the airport and what goes on behind the scenes.

We have several underground tunnels that are used by the airlines to move baggage from the terminal to the aircraft on the concourses. Other areas are used for maintenance, utilities and storage and office space.” Montgomery said.

The art that has been put up inside the DIA is another surprising factor. The most obvious mural is in the Jeppesen Terminal on level 5. It depicts a masked man with a gun and waving a sword past several what looks like innocent civilians. The mural next to it shows people of nationalities from all around the world rejoicing with the masked man lying dead at the bottom. The artist’s approach, he said, was to show how war affects humanity, and how they are able to move past it. The range of theories behind these murals are endless, however the most common one is that the first painting is of a German Nazi during the Holocaust.

“The murals are part of the airport’s permanent art collection and were commissioned before the airport opened in 1995,” Montgomery says.

The blue horse is called Blue Mustang, but most denver locals call it Blucifer due to its appearance. The statue also killed Luis Jimenez, its artist, when a part of it fell on top of him. It was made in honor of the Denver Broncos, however, several observers think it’s an unnecessary addition to the airport.

The Dedication Room is filled with plaques to people and organizations that somehow contributed to DIA. On one of the plaques, the Freemason’s symbol is engraved on it. The Freemasons is a very ancient secret society that is almost as old as America is itself. They were a huge contributor to the DIA, and since they are a very powerful group, that arises a bit of concern that such a society is connected to an international airport.

However, Montgomery states that “It’s not uncommon for the Masons to be involved in large, public buildings”.

The Denver International Airport has several theories that could all just be strange coincidences, and there is a lot of skepticism. However, these conspiracies drive lots of people to believe it is connected to government issues or perhaps something even bigger.

“At the end of the day, we are a great international airport. There’s nothing to these myths and theories that pop culture and the internet continue to proliferate. Then again, if we had a secret bunker or aliens I’m not sure they would tell the public information guy…” Montgomery said.